BASN Classic BlackBox: Free Advice Barack Obama Use Sports To Win Black Voters

Updated: September 28, 2007



Barack Obama has more

campaign money than God

otherwise known as Hillary

( or the Devil in disguise )

but Barack can’t seem to get

TRACTION among Democrats

he remains Number Two and

way DOWN in all the Polls

and coming in Second is

Worthless running for

Commander in Chief

It is no secret at all Obama must FIRE up Black voters if he is to have any chance against Hillary ( and Bill ) in the Primaries. Depending on the state Barack is between 10% and 30% behind Clinton in the credible polls.

Well we’re here with

FREE advice for

Barack he can

use SPORTS yes

SPORTS to turn

this around in

his favor

The solution is as close as his adopted “home town” Chicago. As we have written before the Chicago Cubs are in play. As a result of the sale of the Tribune Company which owns the Cubs, the new owner wants to turn them into cash to finance his purchase of the Tribune Company.

Now right here in the Box a few months ago in a quote we got directly from the Commissioner’s office Bud Selig LIED to the Black Box that he wanted a Black owner for the Cubs.

BULLSHIT. As usual Selig is out there courting Rich White Boys to buy the Franchise. There is not an African American name in sight. .

Among the few names that have surfaced the most “prominent” is Dallas Mavericks owner and Bad Boy Mark Cuban. In total a large handful of WHITE Rich Guys will join in the bidding. Actually it is not a bid process in that Major League Baseball must approve the sale and Bud Selig does not always go for the high bidder. Nonetheless expect the Cubs to sell for more than $ 600 Million.

So what’s in this for Obama ??

A Golden Opportunity if he is Smart Enough, Questionable. And Brave enough. Very questionable to seize it. His Audacity of Hope Tour has mostly turned out to be the same Political Fluff White candidates are always tossing out like Miss Hillary, but this time coming from a Black candidate.

Barack needs to understand FAST he cannot possibly win primary states unless he ENERGIZES the Black core. So far Hillary is getting as many or more Black votes in polls. Obama needs 90% of the Black Primary vote to have a Prayer.

He needs to be the BLACK candidate in the Primaries no matter how much that tag might concern him in the General Election. Because if he doesn’t win in the Primaries there is NO General Election for Barack Obama. And Barack the LAST person Madame Hillary a WOMAN is going to choose as a running mate is a BLACK man. America is not ready for a woman ad an African American together leading these United States.

Forget it. Maybe in 2300.

And here is the Ultimate Irony !!

Obama neither alienates nor enrages any Democrat who would vote for him standing up and saying it is long overdue Major League Baseball had an African American owner and the Chicago Cubs are the PERFECT opportunity to make it happen. Barack should get VERY specific and send a very OPEN letter to Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig telling him in NO uncertain terms Baseball will only serve its own and America’s interest insuring the Cubs have a BLACK owner when they are sold later this year even if for less money.

Remember the ONLY offer

the current owner can accept

must be approved by Selig

Now on the business side Obama can be just as useful motivating all his rich Harvard and Yale educated African American elites AND most of all his very very good friend Black Billionaire and Chicagoean Oprah Winfrey and also YES even Tiger Woods to BID on the Chicago Cubs.

The fact is Obama can insert himself Big Time in the Cubs sale, get tremendous attention and prove to BLACK voters that he is really BLACK and more than an empty BLACK suit. And a Leader too. Selig cannot will not turn down an offer to buy the Cubs that includes Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods and endorsed by Barack Obama.

NO WAY can he say NO to them.

America desperately needs LEADERS running for President and Old Hillary and her Whitewater and Billygate background and her obnoxious courting of the Super Rich and her support of the Iraq Occupation until forced to abandon it sure does not qualify as Leadership.

LEADERSHIP begins with identifying proudly with your own “base” and broadening out from there.

If Obama is “afraid” to publicly call for Baseball to name a Black owner after more than 100 years without even ONE African American ever owning a Major League Franchise than he is NO Leader. If Obama does not understand the campaign logic of standing up for Africans Americans to win their vote by calling for Black ownership of the Cubs than he is also too STUPID to be President.

This is your Big Chance

Barack do you have the

Courage and Intelligence

to seize it and prove

you are more than

An Empty Black Suit

talking the Bull Shit

like White candidates


being President

without a Clue

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