Praise The Lord Yes It Will Be Demetrius Jones Starting For Notre Dame Saturday

Updated: August 31, 2007



You have NO idea

how the GREEN

hit the FAN after

our Box last week

about Jones and

Notre Dame

AND HOW IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE if Demetrius Jones actually got to be The Fighting Irish STARTING Quarterback this year.

The Wrath of Heaven – or what passes for it at Old Notre Dame – descended upon us for in the minds of the Irish the Black Box did NOT give adequate attention to Black Quarterbacks in Notre Dame history.

Well Greenies …..

our job is NOT doing

PR for Notre Dame

Last week’s Box gave adequate attention to the fact Notre Dame has had other African American Quarterbacks and we made a BIG deal about the FACT that the last time the crew from South Bend won the National Championship way back in 1988 it was led by a BLACK Quarterback..

The Fact is Irish …..

What REALLY defines current reality at Notre Dame is the handling of Tyrone Willingham a clear VICTIM of a White oriented mentality. As for HISTORY how about the FACT Tyrone Willingham is the ONLY African American who has EVER served as Head Coach in the 100+ year football HISTORY at Notre Dame and of course for him to get his BRIEF stint as Head Coach it had to reach the point The Jesuits couldn’t find a decent White candidate.

But Irish that is really only

warm up for the REAL issue

involving Demetrius Jones

and the pervasive attitude

at Notre Dame

DELETERIOUS JONES WAS RECRUITED BY NOTRE DAME with the prospect of being a STARTING Quarterback to take over from Brady Quinn. Demetrius Quinn was one of the OUTSTANDING High School players in the nation he could have gone to lots of other – if less “prestigious” colleges – to be a STARTING Quarterback.

So What happened ……

First of all Jones did not get to QB even one play during the 2006 season behind Brady Quinn.

OK no “big” deal to some.

But here is the Point. Charlie Weis then went all out to recruit Jimmy Clausen the most Ballyhooed HS player in the nation in 2006. Now since lots of Big Name Colleges were all clamoring for Clausen there is no doubt the “deal” that brought him to ND was the GUARANTEE he would become the STARTING Quarterback.

In other word Irish ……

Demetrius Jones was SCREWED !

by the Irish in South Bend

We’re it not for an unanticipated shoulder operation for Clausen this past spring and Charlie Weis’ concern about a long term injury IF he STARTS Clausen too soon it is very likely Clausen would have been STARTING for Notre Dame as a Freshman. Unless Jones proves to be SUPER Man and appears to be taking the Irish to a National Championship Clausen might well be the STARTING Quarterback before this season is very far along and again ……

NO matter what Jones does even IF Demetrius Jones was able to take this less than stellar team All The Way chances are very very strong Jimmy Clausen will be STARTING Quarterback next season and for the two seasons after that leaving Demetrius Jones sitting on the bench for his Junior and Senior years if not even sooner unable to play at all and ………

……. he will have NO chance of an NFL career for himself unless of course he agrees to use his many skills to agree to play another position most likely Wide Receiver for Notre Dame and maybe if he is very lucky and Charlie Weis is very “generous” to him he gets enough play time to impress NFL teams.

Well guess what Irish

Demetrius Jones did not

come to Notre Dame to

ride the Bench nor

switch positions he

is a talented BLACK

Quarterback who

deserves to START

he will START

Saturday only

because of



so don’t bother sending us

more emails complaining about

how we present BLACK Quarterbacks

at Notre Dame University and

NEVER forget how the Irish

treated Tyrone Willingham *

Always Remember

Never Forget


@ Notre Dame

( * ONLY ND Head Coach ever to be fired in the middle of his contract )

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….