BASN Classic BlackBox: Ryan Howard The One Black Baseball and The One

Updated: August 29, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Last Updated: September 05, 2006 RYAN HOWARD THE ONE BLACK BASEBALL AND A SAVIOR


There are Arguments for

and Against the Concept of


They have definitely been a Mixed Bag through human history. Some have proven to be everything they were advertised to be and more. Others have been the most Demonic Figures who ever lived. Overall in the aggregate as a Group they have been Disappointing. If not a Flop. For most societies.


Seeking out Saviors. The One who will change everything. The One who is the ‘perfection’ we would like to see in ourselves. Is built right into the human genetic code. We will not stop seeking Saviors anytime soon.

So with that Disclaimer

Black Baseball can surely use a Savior. One player so far beyond all the others playing Baseball that he becomes The One every young African American wants to become. Sees in Themselves.

Dreams them to sleep at night.

Ryan Howard

has that Potential

To re-energize African American interest in Baseball and inspire a generation of talented young Black athletes to envision themselves heroes on the Diamond just as much as on the Gridiron or the Hardwood. There has been no African American with that Potential since Jackie Robinson. Maybe Willie Mays came close. Many other African American Baseball players proved Inspirational but they could not lead a Revolution in Baseball. We need One now.

Ryan Howard might

After his Herculean 3 HomeRun performance Sunday and another 4 Bagger Monday afternoon Ryan Howard in his FIRST full Major league season now has 53 HomeRuns leading the Majors, along with a Major League leading 134 RBIs. Howard is 6 HRs and 13 RBIs ahead of his nearest competitors. He is very likely to win both 2006 Crowns and while the Triple Crown will elude him ( this year anyway ) his batting average is up to an impressive .309.

( barring injury )

This Season

Ryan Howard will become

the 5th Major Leaguer

to break Babe Ruth’s

60 HomeRun “record”

What so dramatically and impressively separates Howard from Maris, MacGuire*, Sosa* and Bonds* is that Ryan Howard will do it in his FIRST full Major League Season. It is difficult to over-estimate or even over-hype that Accomplishment. ( * is for Steroids )

It is Truly Awesome.

So let’s make a reasonable assumption

to make a point

Ryan Howard’s performance last year with the Phillies when he was named Rookie of the Year even after only playing in the Majors part of the season, and even more his Heroics for them this year are illustrative of a deep deep seated Talent that will be on display for the next 10 – 15 seasons or more …..

Ryan Howard can Become

The Greatest MLB Player ever

( not a certainty but a clear probability )


who brings African Americans in large numbers

back to Baseball at every Level


It will require 3 elements 1) Ryan himself performing at these rarefied levels season after season, 2) his willingness to accept the mantle as the player who can excite the African American community like no other, and avail himself to that end both during the season and the off-season, and every bit as much 3) it will take all the rest of us especially Black Leadership embracing Ryan Howard and Baseball as significant to the African American Promise.

We should properly add a 4th

Howard and the African American community and leaders being savvy enough to utilize the range of technology and media available and constantly evolving here in the 21st century to deliver this message for Maximum Impact.

Let the Foolish rant & rave

Sports is not important

Sports is a diversion

from the real Struggle

Listen to them IF

you wish and let

The White Power Structure

continue to control

the most important

industry in America

Sports or you can

join us

and Hope Ryan Howard

becomes the Savior

of Baseball for

us All.

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