Ryan Howard’s Painful Season So Far

Updated: May 7, 2007






It all seemed so Perfect

it always does before

The Fall

Ryan Howard had two incredible Seasons his first 2 in the Majors. Rookie of the Year in 2005 then last season only his second in the Bigs National League MVP with incredible offensive production. He even came oh so close to becoming the First Player to ever top Babe Ruth’s and Roger Maris’ single season HomeRun records WITHOUT the “benefit” of Steroids.

In this past off season he was hailed inside and outside of Baseball as the Sports New Savior. The defining player for the next Decade or more. How could he miss after proving himself in the Minors for years before Philadelphia finally gave him the Call. Then proving himself beyond Expectations.

Only one problem could

stand in Howard’s Way

and it has so far in 2007

The Real World

It can probably be attributed to an unexpected injury for this healthy young powerful body. His Quadriceps have let him down. Ryan Howard is playing in Constant Pain with the kind of injury that does not readily make one a candidate for the disabled list nor may that kind of rest work.

But the pain in Ryan’s Quadriceps have thrown his entire batting dynamics way off. And if a batter is not able to perform in the Batters Box the way that has made him Great so far well as surely as night follows day he will not be the same Batter he was. He will be severely compromised. And Ryan is.

Here are his under-whelming stats so far this young season. For a Super Star anyway. Games 27, At Bats 95, Runs 12, Hits 18, Doubles 4, HomeRuns 5, RBIs 19, Batting Average .200. This is NOT Ryan Howard 2005, or Ryan Howard 2006. Definitely NOT Ryan Howard SuperStar.

Of course the critics are coming out of the wall. Especially the anti-Black critics dumping on Howard as a Big Mistake the Phillies made, that this is the REAL Ryan Howard. Of course simply forgetting the last 2 seasons preceded by Howard’s remarkable Minor League career.

You know the drill Ryan was just “lucky” or he was good until he really had to prove it or the other teams have figured out how to pitch him, etc. etc. etc. well forget the BS … sorry Bashers it’s his QUADRICEPS !

We saw the REAL Howard Ryan Sunday night when his dramatic powerful Two Run HomeRun Sunday night against the Giants in San Francisco leading Philadelphia to a hard earned 8-5 win.

The season is young

and so is Ryan his


will heal then

Watch Out you

Nay Sayers

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Ryan Howard