Ray Emery, The Brother In Net For The Senators

By JoAnn Lawery
Updated: May 30, 2007

LAS VEGAS — He’s one of the best goaltenders in the National Hockey league today and right now he and his teamates, the Ottawa Senators are playing the Anaheim Ducks to see who will win the Stanley Cup.

His name is Ray Emery. Oh, d id I mention that he just happens to be a Black Canadian? Not many people have heard of him, but those of us who have, have our own opinions of him.

Some of them aren’t very flattering depending on which hockey town you reside in.

If you happen to be from Pittsburgh or Buffalo, you know Emery as that “idiot” who starts hockey brawls and uses his hockey glove to give a beatdown to a player who had the nerve to enter his personal space.

He’s also the player that stared that now infamous Ottawa-Buffalo brawl in February of this year. The 24 year old native of Cayuga, Ontario once dreamed of being an architect.

Now he just stops flying pucks coming at him faster than a speeding bullet.

He is a huge boxing fan, but then, why should we be surprised at that since most folks think hockey players do nothing but fight every game anyway?

He once wore the likeness of Mike Tyson on his hockey mask. The Senators’ brass in conversative Ottawa wasn’t very happy about that.

Now he wears a mask with the likeness of former boxer George Chuvalo, who just happens to be Canadian. Since he’s been playing hockey, he’s been in several on ice altercations, which is unheard of for hockey goaltenders.

Once again, the Ottawa higher ups had something to say-they sent him to anger management classes.

As you can gather, he isn’t your typical hockey player.

He has a giant pet python that his parents gave him as a Christmas present.

He also has tattoos. His newest one reads, “Anger is a gift.”

The Senators can only hope that the brother in the net can use that anger to bring the Stanley Cup back to Canada.

EDITORS NOTE: This story was written prior to Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Ottawa Senators and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim on Wednesday night.