Outrage Goes On And On NCAA Reaches New Bottom

Updated: May 30, 2007




Whenever you think

it can’t get Worse

you know the rest

It just happened once again. Confirming as though it really needed confirming exactly what the NCAA is all about Power and MONEY. And that is a a Formula for Racism in Sports ( and elsewhere ) as the NCAA proved again.

It was announced late Wednesday that that 33 Duke Lacrosse players who had been involved in organizing and attending an off campus Lacrosse Team “party” which ‘featured’ two young African American women who were paid to disrobe and dance provocatively while these Honkies made jokes and mocked them these Duke 33 have just received an unprecedented REWARD for this outrageous conduct an EXTRA year of eligibility.

That”s right these 33 “student hooligans” 13 of them Seniors graduating right now these 13 can play again next year even though they will have finished Duke and the others will have the same benefit as they graduate, juniors and seniors next year allowed to play yet another year of Duke Lacrosse if they wish.

Never ever in the history of the Sport

has anything comparable

ever been done

WHY now ??

( and without any debate at all )

Pure and simple BECAUSE Duke lost the NCAA Championship to John Hopkins on Monday and Duke will not be satisfied until they are Champions again as the ULTIMATE affirmation that these “students” did nothing wrong because a rape was not committed that night.

Even though these students played all but one of their regular season games last season before the last game was suspended. That is NOT good enough to validate the primacy of the White Lacrosse Culture at Duke and throughout most NCAA colleges. As described here previously Lacrosse is not so much a Sport as it has been anointed a form of initiation into certain segments of the Ruling Class. If you are both a graduate of an Ivy League College AND a member of their Lacrosse Team you get a special ticket punched. For life.

The idea that anyone be it the media, the rest of America and worst of all African Americans begin to think that it is time for CHANGE is not acceptable at all in these Circles. It must be clearly confirmed to everyone the Lacrosse 33 are VICTIMS who have been WRONGED and must be Compensated for the “crime” committed against them of having 3 of their members accused of Rape. It must be made clear that White Boys do NOT get punished SIMPLY for humiliating African Americans for their Pleasure.

That is SIMPLY part of their Culture and their right as future Masters of the Universe to take their pleasure as they like as long as they don’t go “too far” and do something ‘stupid’ like rape a Black woman. Anything less is SIMPLY part of the game and the culture.

The Question NOW is

are the rest of us going

to bend over and let


take place OR

all of us and

African Americans

most of all going to say


and force the NCAA

to reverse itself

well see just

don’t be Hopeful

Courage and Conviction

keep getting harder to find.

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