Whitlock Is Nothing More Than An Opportunist

By Richard Kent
Updated: April 17, 2007

CONNECTICUT — Talk about an opportunist in this whole Imus-Rutgers incident. It isn’t Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and it certainly isn’t Vivian Stringer.

But it may be Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock, a black writer with an agenda. An opportunity to be a contrarian and to be heard ahead of his own community.

That’s Jason for you in this whole mess. I don’t know Jason and I’ve never talked to him, but I do know Vivian Stringer, Essence Carson, and Kia Vaughn.

They never asked for this publicity and if they had an opportunity would have erased it from their memory bank as soon as it happened. I know that for a fact.

Whitlock tells us that Stringer wanted her 15 minutes of fame. Jason, she’s already had it years ago. She didn’t need you, Sharpton, or Imus to give her that.

She has taken three different schools to the Women’s Final Four. Rick Pitino has done that as well, so do you have a problem with him too? She’s one of the winningest college basketball coaches of all-time, either men or women.

She’s a close personal friend of Pat Summitt, the Tennessee coach whose team defeated Rutgers in the women’s final. Do you think she was trying to steal the limelight from her?

If you were in Cleveland, which I’m sure that you weren’t, you would have heard her praise Coach Summitt to the heavens after the title game.

Sure Tennessee won and they were the better team that night, but Stringer does deserve some credit for bring a team that at one point was 2-4 to a National Championship Game.

Remember Jason, this was a team with five freshmen playing a major role. This was also a team that no one picked to do anything this year.

A team that lost All-American guard Cappie Pondexter. A team that had its best player recover from an injury and almost miss the entire season.

Her name is Matee Ajavon. Ever heard of her Jason? She dates Ray Rice, one of the best football players in the country. I’m sure you know that, Jason.

Congratulations, Jason the whole world is talking about you now. The UConn internet board really likes you. They call you a hero. They don’t like Rutgers either.

Or maybe you have no feelings about Rutgers one way or the other. But have never met Coach Stringer and don’t know who Essence Carson is?

You probably don’t care either. You’re just trying to further your own gain. That’s what all of your rantings are about and it is very transparent.

Give Coach Stringer a call, Jason and tell her some of these things. Let’s see what she says. You owe it to her. You owe it to the Rutgers community and more importantly you owe it to yourself.

Thanks, Jason. It was good talking to you.