Now Ramzee Knows Better Last Than Never

Updated: April 29, 2007




Ramzee Robinson


There are lots of Happy Faces

around the country today

Football Faces including

Troy Smith and

Ramzee Robinson and

Lots of Sad Faces too

All those NFL prospects who were not among the 255 players drafted in the NFL’s 2007 version of American Idol. Heisman winner Troy Smith is simply relieved he was drafted at all after his visions of being an early choice were severely dashed. Alabama Cornerback Ramzee Robinson is simply happy to be drafted.

Now he has the notable distinction forever of being the last player drafted in 2007 being chosen # 255 before the few still conscious officials and fans at Radio City Music Hall stumbled into the New York sunlight.

Robinson who is going to Detroit will most be remembered by the hundreds of players who held out hope watching on ESPN or tracking the draft from their computers on the Internet that even up until the final pick they might still be the one chosen. It is even possible without a Truth Meter for us to estimate who was more Crushed than any player in the nation by Robinson being # 255.

National Champion Florida’s

Starting Quarterback Chris Leak

who had a phenomenal

all time college record

best ever at Florida

best ever against

the Odds at Florida

and the Bigots too

There is no doubt that right up until the “end” Leak was hopeful he might make the NFL Cut. Chris fell into the same category as Troy Smith another “small” Quarterback who was chosen, if far later than he had hoped as the last choice in the 5th Round by the Baltimore Ravens where he will compete to Backup Steve McNair. One BIG advantage that Smith had even though Leak beat him in the National Championship Game is HEISMAN next to his name.

Still Chris Leak will soldier on

let’s hope so anyway

If there is any kind of an advantage in not being Drafted a player can focus his attention on trying to get a try out with the teams he thinks he can most impress, that are most likely to recognize his potential in mini-camp IF he can swing an invitation. It will be an even bigger surprise IF Leak cannot even wring himself some non-committal invitations. If not and he still believes in himself and is adventurous there is ALWAYS the Canadian Football League.

There is always Canada

for the truly determined

or even NFL Europe

Which brings up another point that fans of football or even “just” human nature can get another round of enjoyment for themselves tracking the would be careers of certain players who capture their fancy if not the NFL’s. Both Chris Leak and Ramzee Robinson offer that kind of pleasure.

Chris Leak because he was not drafted at all and Ramzee Robinson because he was the very last chosen. Over the next few months both will be studies in the realities of life and sports. As they struggle to be appreciated. And signed.

As for Heisman Troy Smith …

Who is most notable in the Box for his statement the night he won the Heisman, for saying that he does not see himself as an AFRICAN American Quarterback and that it is NO big deal that Warren Moon was chosen the First Black Quarterback ever to be voted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Now ironically he will be trying to Backup an AFRICAN American Quarterback Steve McNair – who after his selection by the Ravens Smith is praising McNair to the High Heavens. Think Troy is going to remind McNair about his comments at the Heisman in New York City in December.

So there you have it

the NFL 2007 Draft

as seen through the

eyes of these three

and most of all # 1

JaMarcus Russell

the Draft began

with Russell ended

with Robinson and

in between took

Troy Smith and

over 200 African

American players

in total Drafted but

when it was over

left Chris Leak


( for now )

stay Tuned

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Chris Leak