Inkwell Surf & Sk8 Club Starts 2007 With Style

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: April 10, 2007

CALIFORNIA — Inkwell Surf & Sk8 Club has started its 2007 season with style, literally. Inkwell Surf is starting off this year’s youth program with a new fashion design and marketing program. The program is open to all youths kindergarden to the 12th grade.

Inkwell Surf & Sk8 Club is a youth program dedicated to giving at risk and disadvantaged youths an opportunity to try non-traditional sports. Inkwell Surf’s core mission is teaching through youth’s interests.

Inkwell’s list of programs includes fashion design, computer illustration, surf video production, skateboard deck making and a host of other interesting activities free.

“Everyone loves clothes both old and young. I see the kids around my neighborhood dress with more and more individuality, so I figured, why not start a program that will interest all”, says Rhonda Harper, Inkwell’s CEO.

“Our students will collectively design and market their own mini line of clothing. What I am trying to create is a positive path for their future. If the students are interested in a subject, they will want to learn. They are in class one day a week and surf one day a week.”

Mimi Lacy, Inkwell Surf & Sk8 Club’s Program Director, agrees. “In my experience, youths involved in traditional sport programs and activities lose interest mid-season leaving the parents with costly equipment”.

“I believe that if we create programs that are engaging youth will want to continue. Youths should be allowed to express what they feel inside, whether it is through fashion design, art, skateboarding, surfing or any other activity they choose. Their future lies in our hands and its up to us to help mold their path”.

Mimi continues, “Children are always searching for a role model. I believe we will definitely improve the confidence of both girls and boys if they should choose this as their career in the future”.

“The resources that we have to help make this program possible are overwhelming. There is a waiting list of volunteers. I know that we will have the opportunity to make a difference in these children’s lives for the better”.

Joanne’s Super Store has graciously donated the space for the class. Youths will be instructed on basic sewing techniques, sketching designs, construction and fashion marketing.

Ms. Harper, a former celebrity designer along with others locals designers will also instruct classes. “Who knows we may find the next John Paul Gaultier. I would rather see them designing street wear than on the streets and in trouble”, says Rhonda.

The Inkwell Surf’s Liilili (little in Hawaiian) Fashionistas will start classes April 18th and will end with a fashion show June 1, 2007 at 7:30pm in the Marsee Auditorium in Torrance, CA.