All Is Right In Heaven And Hell At NFL Draft

Updated: April 28, 2007




Jamarcus Russell


We have a Religion

here in the USA

called Football

you know that

it’s High Priests

are NFL Players and

new Priests are chosen

April each year at the

so called NFL Draft

this religion fortunately

is mostly Black

very very Black

Saturday the Annual Ritual got underway as its does every year. Held at what easily can be called a Cathedral. Radio City Music Hall. The highest of the new High Priest, 32 of them are chosen first. Some call it the First Round.

The Priest who is treated as the new Pope to be until and unless he proves otherwise ( as is often the case ) at the most sacred part of the Ceremony is the First Chosen. Thousands gather and many many more watch on television to find out who will be the Holiest of Holies. That became clear just after noon as the Chief Rabbi ( yes this religion has rabbis and priests ) Charles Goodell who some refer to as NFL Commissioner, intoned the name of the Holiest.

To no surprise at all

JaMarcus Russell

African American Quarterback from Louisiana State University where Football is Religion for sure as it is throughout the South. In the end, meaning the First Round 32 High Priests otherwise known as Players were chosen.

As is the case year after year the vast majority of these the Best of the Best were African American. In fact 27 of 32 First Round Choices were. Reflecting well the make up of the NFL but even more the elite and most impressive. After Russell another remarkable High Priest wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Russell will lead “services” in Oakland, Johnson in Detroit City.

Next came one of the few White Boys to make it to the Inner Sanctum. Joe Thomas, offensive tackle to Cleveland. What was most interesting about Thomas’ selection by Cleveland is that they did NOT choose the Evil One in the bunch Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn who had all but proclaimed himself the Best of the Best in the weeks leading up to the Draft.

Too bad for the Big Mouth

none of the NFL teams

seemed to agree

In fact Brady Quinn was Humiliated Saturday not being drafted until # 22 when Cleveland made a deal to take Carolina’s First Round pick. If not it is very likely Brady Quinn would not have been drafted until the Second Round.

In the End meaning the First of Seven Rounds over 2 days here is the African American tally.

5 Wide Receivers were chosen, 4 Defensive Ends, 3 Offensive Tackles, 4 Free Safetys, 2 Running Backs, 2 Defensive Tackles, 1 Inside Linebackers, 2 CornerBacks, 2 Outside Linebackers, 1 Guard and most of all 1 Quarterback.

27 African Americans out of 32 First Round selections.

For those of you who

prefer percentages

that is 84.7 %

In effect there were few surprises in the First Round. What might have been most surprising is Amobi Okoye, transplanted Nigerian, the youngest player in the Draft at 19, and by he way already a College Graduate and honor student from the University of Louisville in engineering.

A Defensive Tackle chosen # 10 by the Houston Texans. Nothing surprising there. What is is his listed weight in the NFL profile. Only 287 pounds. That made him “only” the 7th heaviest player in the First Round. That is surprising because his University of Louisville profile lists him at 317 pounds.

The weight he won Fame at as one of the most promising Defensive Tackles ever. Is it true he has lost THIRTY lbs. in the last few months ?? And if so will that greatly improve or hamper his level of play.

OR is it nothing more than an NFL “typo.” If Okoye came into the NFL Draft at 317 lbs. he would have bee the second heaviest player in the First Round behind “champ” Levi Brown, outside tackle taken # 5 by Arizona.

328 lbs.

Possibly Okoye decided to drop 30 lbs. after reading the Box about him a few days ago when we pointed out he was not doing himself a favor carrying around that much bulk at 6-foot- 2 no matter how much $$$ an NFL team was willing to pay him. That he might want to put an even higher value of his life and health.

Anyway the 2007 Draft goes

on and on and on until

late Sunday afternoon

until 255 players

have been chosen

two questions are

will Troy Smith

and Chris Leak

be on the List

stay Tuned

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

Jamarcus Russell