The White And Latino Yankee Doodle Dandies

Updated: March 26, 2007


It’s only a matter of days now

before the most famous team in Sports

yes those New York Yankees head

north to begin another season

What makes this new season

different than any since 1954

53 very long years ago ?

When the Yankees came north to open the 1955 Baseball Season on their roster was the First African American to ever play for them Elston Howard. Now in 2007 as they did every year prior to 1955 the world famous New York Yankees will once again travel north without even one single African American.

The closest they will come is

light skinned bi-racial Derek Jeter

Greeted as a White Ball Player everywhere. We estimate the majority of fans and certainly those outside New York have no idea Jeter is half African American. No slam on Jeter except to emphasize the continuing regression of Baseball when even the New York Yankees long credited with their Diversity here in the 21st century will not have even one 100% African American on the Team.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes but the Yankees have so many Latino players. Doesn’t that Count ? Answer. What is the Point. That African Americans disappearing from Baseball isn’t a Problem because there are more Latino players than ever ? All that does is highlight the Problem. Why are there so many White players and now over 30% Latino players but well under 10% Black players.

But African Americans do so well in Football and Basketball. And so what. Again what is the Point. That African Americans should be discouraged from playing Baseball because of Football and Basketball. Let’s get to the root problem of why there are now so few Black MLB players and so many White and Latino players. It is a LACK of equal Opportunity.

White kids meaning suburban and wealthier small town kids have good looking manicured baseball diamonds, fitted uniforms and all the first class equipment they need. Latin countries most of all the Dominican Republic benefit from unprecedented spending by every single MLB team aided and abetted by the Commissioner and his staff to build and staff baseball facilities in selected Latin America venues and sending their best coaches to teach Baseball.



That if African American communities and schools benefited in the same way White American communities do and/or the way Latin America is catered to by Baseball there would be a Cornucopia of talented African Americans in significant numbers on everyone of the 30 MLB teams today.

It is an insult not only to African Americans

but to every single American for …..

Article after article to be written that the reason African Americans are disappearing from Baseball is because of Football and Basketball. Take all those White Kids with their well stocked suburban baseball programs and send them into the Inner Cities. Watch White Kids disappear from Baseball.

Remove all those dozens upon dozens of multi-million dollar baseball academies from Latin America and watch Latinos disappear from the Majors. It is the care and feeding of White Kids and Latino Kids that turns so many of them into professional baseball players. And it equally the NEGLECT of African American Kids by Baseball that leads to the opposite result.

Well then why were things so different

in the 1950s. 60s, 70s into the 80s

Because attention was paid to Black kids by Baseball which during that Era Baseball felt it needed outstanding African American players to deliver a superior “product.” Today between the NFL and NBA there are somewhere less than 2000 African Americans making their living by playing professional sports.

There are over 10,0000,000 young African American kids in these United States today. Do you really believe there are not even a few hundred of them – less than 1 / one thousandth of one percent of them – not playing pro or college football or basketball who do not have the talent to play Pro Baseball.

Only if you are an Idiot

or a White Racist

send a message to Baseball

Boycott the 2007 Yankees

for their lack of Diversity

NO African Americans

on their Roster

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