The Abuse of Ryan Howard By Philadelphia

Updated: February 28, 2007



Think about this


2 years ago at this time

Ryan Howard had NO chance


of making the Phillies roster

he was locked in the Minors

by Philadelphia management

for NO logical reason for sure

but NO denying he was either

Well 2 years ago Howard did make it up to the Bigs only because of an injury to another player and went on to become NL Rookie of the Year. Then last season Howard was the Major League Home Run King and National League’s Most Valuable Player. Very valuable indeed

And Today Today

Ryan Howard is being hailed as the Face of Baseball’s Future and its Salvation the Anti-Bonds, and ironically as other African Americans continue to Disappear from Baseball. As we approach Jackie Robinson’s 60th Anniversary. With 58 Home Runs last season his first FULL season in the Majors. And if not for a late season “slump” of sorts he was on a clear path to more than 60 HRs.

In his FIRST full season in the Majors !

What now for the 6 ft. 4, 250 lb. 27 tear old with a Smile to melt butter. And a warm personality to match. The Anti-Bonds. We can easily project 60+ HomeRuns in 2007 and leave open the possibility he could set his sights on eclipsing the season record 73 HomeRuns. By you know who.

And without even the hint of Steroids for Howard

the first play to ever legitimately break

Roger Maris’ single season mark

( not the 3 steroid junkies )

Now rather than blathering on about the talent and the potential of Ryan Howard there is a more fascinating question at hand about him believe it or not. Howard made an embarrassing $350,000 last season one of the lowest salaries in Major League Baseball at the same time that he had the best season of any player in the Majors. This season he is still unsigned but will get a substantial increase from the Phillies. YES even maybe $1 Million. WOW ??

the best player in Baseball making $1 Million

still less than 75% or so of all players

The real question is what happens next ?

Theoretically most say legally Howard has locked himself into a contract with the Phillies that keeps him there no matter what through 2011. What kind of an abusive deal is that. Howard could shatter every hitting record ever become the most popular player in Baseball’s entire history. Make huge sums for the Phillies selling out every home game And all he can do if he does not like whatever Philadelphia is willing to pay him is go to Arbitration.

Sure Howard will do very well in arbitration – which by the way he is not eligible for this season the Phillies could pay him the Major League minimum this season and he could do nothing about it – but the larger issue is if he was FREE to negotiate a contract for himself now certainly before 2012 with all clubs bidding Howard would probably become the highest paid player in the Game today. Maybe even the highest paid player in all of Baseball history.

But as of now that cannot happen for 5 more seasons !

Why because the Phillies screwed him Royally

They kept him buried in the Minors for 3 seasons when he should have been playing in the Majors except the Phillies had other First Basemen but did not want to trade him either. Plus Howard had an “agent” (sic) who had him literally sell himself to the Phillies for years for almost nothing.

And now of course he is “trapped” in his nice guy image

if he starts complaining the media will savage him

as just like all the other “greedy” players

while he is getting Screwed

Big Big Time

The answer is Howard might be forced to make a Hobson’s Choice after this season especially if he has an even better season. He can take whatever the Phillies or an Arbiter is willing to offer him for the 2008 season or he could go very public telling the world how the Phillies have been f_ _ king him for years and demand release from a “confiscatory” contract that has no moral validity. And that he was coerced to signing by the very treatment he received.

No one else in all of Baseball nor the legal profession may agree but here in the Box we believe with the very best legal talent Howard has the potential to go into Federal Court to VOID his current agreement with the Phillies. What we do know for sure if he is willing to move in that direction at the end of this season he will put the Phillies in a very awkward situation.

Again especially if he hits 62 HomeRuns

let alone a possible 74 and wins

Most Valuable Player again

in a complete rout

It may seen hard

to sympathize

with Ryan Howard’s plight

in fact it fits right within

the pattern of Abuse

be it at a Higher Level

that we all suffer at the

Hands of Power and

African Americans

most of All

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