Carl Lewis Speaks Out About His Troubled Sport

Updated: February 27, 2007




Carl Lewis the GREAT Olympian

summarized his concern about

Track’s Future by saying

you find poker on TV

but not Track & Field

any more anywhere

Apparently Lewis who has not been widely visible in recent years is entering a New Phase in which his goal is to become the face and voice of Track’s Rebirth assisted by U.S Track & Field and a hefty dose of cash from the Hershey Company.

Speaking at the U.S. Indoor Track & Field Championships in Boston this past weekend Lewis faced the problem he saw and outlined his solutions. As Lewis said in his speech “Where it is [the status of track and field] isn’t the issue. We can build it back to where it was, where people understand the athletes. And I can be part of it because people know me, if we work with the powers that be.”

The Powers That Be !

Do it Carl do it do it do it

Lewis admitted he has been nearly invisible the last 10 years but no more. While other wide ranging interests – and problems – consumed him the last decade he has now found his True Calling returning to the Sport in which he was King. Now in a new role but one he considers every bit as important to his Sport.

Bringing it back to the Glory Days

Lewis now sounding like a Preacher

spreading a message of Joy said …

“My parents were teachers and coaches. We didn’t have cable or computers, so we actually had to create our own games. Kids still want to be active, and track and field is the best way to reach out to kids, to give them a program to stay fit and healthy. This is an opportunity to seize the moment, to use the platform we have. This is a huge participant sport, and I would love to look back at this as a time when track and field took a turn for the better.”

say Amen say Amen

“This program gets down to what in my heart I believe in, and that’s making a difference in young people’s minds. No question it can be turned around quickly. Kids learn the principles between ages 9 and 14, and it sticks with you the rest of your life.” Carl Lewis is fighting the Good Fight.

Tell us more ……

“The vast majority are clean and do it right. A minority create problems for the sport. I want to give track a forum to do the right thing. The vast, vast, vast majority do the right thing and don’t do drugs. They love to be in the sport and to compete against the best, but they don’t know who to go to. I remember when it was amateur and now they call themselves professionals.”

“But the real issue for the sport is, there are so many great things going for it, it’s that the athletes are able to speak out for what they believe in. They say that stories focus on the negative, and they need to be able talk about the great things, there are a lot of wonderful things about the sport.”

Lewis a a Bona Fide Legend even in an Age of Hype with those 10 Olympic Medals to his name as a Sprinter and Long Jump Champion. In his Prime he was untouchable. The Perfect Athlete with few visible flaws.

It is a good thing that as a great athlete’s mortality begins to come into focus, as he looks at what old age might hold that he develops a renewed appreciation for the Sport that served him so well in his youth that can now serve him as well in the role of evangelist raising others to the Joys of Track & Field.

Lewis may never succeed in raising track & field back to the level he proclaims which you can question never existed except maybe for him in his rarefied universe of success and attention attained only by the Best. Track & Field never attracted huge TV audiences and when it come to the ultimate competition the Olympics every 4 years the audience keeps expanding for those few brief weeks when the world seems to almost stand still for the Summer Games.

Back here in the Real World

Carl Lewis will find a Challenge

to test his resolve to relaunch

Track & Field and make it hum

the way “major” sports do

but he really doesn’t have to

to have an impact that will

still make a Difference to be

Proud to achieve you can

win this race Carl Lewis

Trying your Very Best

winning again and again

as you did on the Track

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