Michael Vick’s Confusing 2006 Season

Updated: December 29, 2006



Michael Vick has done

something NO NFL QB

ever has done before

RUN for 1000 yards

this season

And NFL clubs prepare for the Atlanta Falcons in ways they do not for any other team because of Michael Vick yet the Falcons are 7-8 this season, have played some listless games and have only the most bizarre chances of making the Playoffs if they win Sunday. If they lose and go 7-9 the season will be labeled a DISASTER.

Something is Wrong

The question as always is it Michael Vick himself. Or the team around him. Or even the Coach. Luckily for Vick everyone including head coach Jim Mora seem to be in jeopardy. Vick remains the favorite of Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

This season Michael Vick also has attained a career high 19 Touchdowns and his passing rating is a very respectable 74.9 better than some of the acclaimed NFL Quarterbacks in fact better than the 2 SuperBowl Quarterbacks from last season Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Hasselbeck. While at the same time his completion percentage is one of the lowest in the League at 52.4%

At the same time Vick’s rating places him #21 among 30 QBs listed on the NFL stat page. At the same time his 19 TDs put him considerably above the season average for QBs this season. As for passing yards Vick is #22 of this list of 30 NFL Quarterbacks. But for passing TDs Vick scores very well #9 out of the 30.

Now here is a surprise to most of you. As to the top 30 NFL players (not just QBs) scoring rushing TD Vick is not even on the list. But of the top 30 rushers total yardage Vick is the ONLY QB on the list at #19 and ahead of such running backs as Shaun Alexander and Cadillac Williams.

What is the Point

There is plenty of material for Michael Vick supporters. There is plenty of material for Michael Vick critics. There are football experts and football fans who swear MIchael Vick is THE problem. That is the Falcons had a “normal” Quarterback their record would be far better.

There are just as many knowledge football experts who claim the opposite. That Vick is supporting the entire team. You can find plenty who blame head coach Jim Mora for being inept at putting Vick’s talent to best use. A more credible slam is that the Falcons’ receiver SUCK especially this season. As owner Arthur Blank put it “We have three first round draft choices, and none of them can catch.” The owner sure isn’t blaming Vick !

So now we are down to the final game of the season. A doozie too. The Eagles vs. the Falcons. Plenty of drama with the Eagles looking to claim the NFC East and avoid a wild card game next week. Vick and the Falcons fighting to salvage this season. At the very least going 8-8 which would be a big disappointment but way way better than a losing season. And even possibly gain a miraculous wild card berth going 8-8 and with some potential for turning the entire season around winning their wild card game and then …..

What we know for sure

Atlanta will live or die

Sunday based on the

success or failure of

one player most of all

QB. Michael Vick

either his supporters

or his detractors will

end up overjoyed

come Sunday night

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