Vince Young’s and Jason Campbell’s Coming Out NFL QB Parties

Updated: November 28, 2006



Watching Vince Young

early Sunday evening

running up and down

the Sidelines …

Beating his Chest

said it All

Jason Campbell looked Cooler then again he had somewhat less to cheer about. But both celebrated VICTORIES Sunday that establish them as NFL Quarterbacks of the Future. Their Shows are just Beginning and should run for a decade or more for both these African American superstars in the making.

For sure Vince Young’s

Almost impossible to believe COMEBACK Victory was the highlight of Sunday’s NFL schedule. Let us say this slowly for those of you who did not have the good fortune to watch the Titans vs. Giants game from Nashville and for those of you who switched away because the game was “over.” With only 10 minutes left in the 4th Quarter the New Jersey Giants were leading 21-0 and Tennessee was facing the terrible embarrassment of being being Shutout.

That is when Vince Young did what he had done so often at the University of Texas but which his misinformed critics said would be beyond him in the NFL masterminding dramatic 4th Quarter Turn Arounds. With just 10 minutes left Young threw for 2 TDs and ran for another then set up a last seconds Field Goal that had Tennessee win in unbelievable fashion 24-21.

Maybe even more than the Victory or its Drama those watching saw a superior Rookie Quarterback in Command of his team and at ease both throwing and running the Ball. While playing for a team that remains this year as last one of the least impressive in the entire National Football League. In this one game Vince Young answered all his Critics who said he would not be a Great QB playing in the NFL. When in fact his Reign began Sunday that will not reach its true potential until seasons yet to come.

Then there is Jason Campbell

Second year NFL QB an all-star out of Auburn who did not get even one play in the NFL his first year and one half with the Washington Redskins. Not until last week when he finally Started for Washington. His first Start against Tampa Bay taking over from veteran QB Mark Brunell, Campbell lost 20-17.

This Sunday the game was close but the result very different. Against a more impressive Carolina Panthers, Campbell led Washington to a 17-13 win with a very impressive Final Drive resulting in the Winning TD. An 80 yard drive highlighted by a 66 yard pass to Chris Cooley for the Score.

The End Result of

these 2 Games is

Vince Young &

Jason Campbell

displayed clear evidence

they will be

Dominant Quarterbacks

in the NFL for a Decade

or more 2 new faces of

Black Quarterback

Leadership in the NFL

for years to come

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