‘Other’ Smith At Ohio State Call Gene Smith Troy Smith’s ‘Boss’

Updated: November 27, 2006



Yes Smith is a Common Name

Black & White but at Ohio State

it is Much More

In fact it’s Glory Days for SMITHS at Ohio State University in Columbus this week and will continue to be at least for the rest of this year. The Buckeyes are #1 in the nation in Football and will remain so until at least the BCS Championship game in Tempe, Arizona in January …..

…… against a still unnamed opponent probably but not definitely USC. That being the case OSU Athletic Director Gene SMITH and OSU Quarterback and soon to be the next Heisman Troy SMITH are on top of the World.

The reasons are obvious but

Gene Smith may not be

so we’ll make him so

Gene Smith, 50, took over as OSU Athletic Director in June 2005 from the very well known Andy Geiger whose somewhat stormy reign was characterized by the Maurice Clarett debacle. Smith is Ohio born and bred graduating from high school there before going to play football as a Defensive End being a member of the 1973 National Championship Team playing for Notre Dame, graduating there and becoming an assistant ND football coach then being named Athletic Director at Eastern Michigan at 29, followed by Iowa State then Arizona State.

This is how a Buckeye publication

described Smith’s job May 2005

” He inherits the nation’s largest college athletic program with nearly 1,000 student-athletes participating in 36 varsity sports. The $91 million annual operating budget is the nation’s largest. But he also comes in with the school’s football and men’s basketball programs under NCAA investigation ”

This is how Smith described his new job ..

” The thing that intrigued me the most about Ohio State University was what Andy Geiger had accomplished. I have the utmost respect, admiration and loyalty to Andy Geiger. I was fortunate enough to be blessed to be an athletic director at the age of 29. Over the years, I continually watched Andy operate at the institutions he was a part of. I’m privileged to have a chance to follow a great footprint he has put forward.”

And regarding his Style …

” I’m just a people person. I’m pretty simple. I’m a blue collar guy. I will probably put more focus on the positives than the negatives. I understand that the negative has been top-of-mind. But that’s not why I chose to come here. This institution did not attract me to come in and clean up issues with an investigation or to deal with a small microcosm of individuals who have tried to breach the integrity of an unbelievably historic institution.”

On being the First African American AD at OSU ..

“Years ago, I felt like I was a pioneer ( African American ) when I became the athletic director at Eastern Michigan University at 29 years old. There were only three or four (African American) athletic directors ( in the nation). For 10 or 12 years, there may still have been only three or four. There are more today. I just want to do my job. It is an honor as an African American to be the first here.”

Sure there is much more to the athletic program at OSU than just football, and sure Ohio State has championship teams in other sports and sure Ohio State has had other Heisman winners than Troy Smith – most notably the ONLY two time Heisman winner Archie Griffin – but we live in the present more than the past or the future and right now 2 Black SMITHS ……

are flying high

on top of the world

reveling in the Glory of it All

and both Gene & Troy Smith

have earned it All and deserve it All

Congratulation are in order to

The Smith “brothers”

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