Something Is Rotten In The State Of Texas……..And It May Not Be T.O.

By Tony McClean
Updated: September 27, 2006

“There will be more drama in Dallas this year than anything on network TV. This team seems to be more suited for “WWE Smackdown” than “Monday Night Football”. Oh yeah, they’ll play some football along the way. It’s too bad that this once decent team will be reduced to poor man’s “Playmakers” in real life”.

— BASN’s Dallas Cowboys Preview (September 4, 2006)
— When I wrote that preview earlier this month, there were some folks that thought I was being a bit too harsh in talking about the upcoming season in regards to “America’s Team”.
While I’m not here to say “I told you so”, it’s safe to say that even the most harshest critic of the Cowboys has to admit that Wednesday’s revelations of Terrell Owens’ suicide attempt is something completely out of left field.
That being said, I must admit that I’m very skeptical about the validity of the whole affair. Something did happen Tuesday night that had to deal with T.O. and drugs. But in my heart of hearts, I do not believe that this was a suicide attempt.
I know you’ll probably hear the “this is a cry for help” mantra discussed over the next few days, but I think there’s more to it than that. While I’m not trying to sit here and play the role of a dime store psychologist, I also know that we’ve never seen or been led to believe that Owens could be capable of this kind of behavior.
In watching his “Sports Century” profile on TV the other night, Owens was depicted in several ways. One minute he’s Terrell, the kind and humble kid who was so shy and isolated as a youth that he could be best described as a loner.
Owens was depicted as a person who was so devoted to his family, most importantly his beloved grandmother, that just the mere mention of her would and could move him to tears.
The next minute, he’s T.O., the flamboyant physical specimen who towers over all who survey the NFL landscape. You’ve all seen the clips of him screaming at quarterbacks and coaches alike when he wants the ball.
You’ve seen him bellow quotes like, “They hate to love me!!!!” or “I love me some me!!!”. Again, not to play the dime store psychologist role, but his previous actions just doesn’t sound like a person on the verge of taking ones life.
Just how this went from being a story of an allergic reaction to drugs to a suicide attempt in a matter of just a few hours is very, very suspect to me. Especially when you realize the previous history between the Dallas Police Department and the Cowboys.
Back in 1996, then Cowboys Michael Irvin and Erik Williams were accused of sexually assaulting a woman and, with a gun to her head, videotaped the interaction. The accuser was later proven to have fabricated the entire incident and was charged with perjury.
It was later revealed that the accuser and her boyfriend, a Dallas police officer, had conspired in a plot to have Irvin killed. The two players would later file suit against the Dallas Police Department and the television station (KXAS-TV) that was the first to report the incorrect allegations.
While both the Owens and Irvin incidents may be separate, the one constant in both of them are the involvement of the Dallas Police Department. According to media reports, the police report said Owens had told friends “that he was depressed.”
Trying not to jump to conclusions, but doesn’t this read like a National Inquirer-type report with nameless people attached to nameless quotes? These charges have since been denied by Owens and his publicist.
It appears that the Owens affair is a clear case of the cart coming before the horse in regards to the media and the police. It’s also another clear example of the media’s incredible wonder lust with anything involving Terrell Owens.
T.O. may be many things to many people, but is he a person that’s either capable or contemplating suicide? I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsover.
Unfortunately, we’re just in Week Four and this saga is just at the beginning.
Stay tuned.