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Updated: September 30, 2006



Aging certainly does not

insure Wisdom but it can

Take a look at Golden Mike

It sounds nothing short of a Miracle to hear Mike Tyson wax Eloquently about Life this week in announcing what might generously be described as a Boxing Tour Tyson is undertaking. Make no mistake this is No Act. Because Iron Mike’s act is long over. He is now firmly living in the Real World. Painful as it is.

Let’s set the Stage

In the great city of Youngstown, Ohio ( that tells you something already ) on Thursday Mike Tyson held a press conference to announce his new series of exhibition mini-bouts. It will begin in Youngstown on October 20th as a pay-per-view. Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess.

Don’t expect great Boxing.

Not that it would be anyone’s expectation. Tyson will “fight” all of 4 Rounds against his own former sparring partner – how’s that for a headliner. Why FOUR Rounds ?? Here comes Philosophical Mike. He freely admitted he is way out of shape and “old” and can’t go more than FOUR Rounds even in a set up against his sparring partner. More Philosophy. Mike is being so truthful he went on to say he doesn’t like Boxing. Any more. That’s right.

Even better

Mike Tyson is freeing admitting that all those years he was Iron Mike he did not enjoy being him at all. Think about it. This is very good stuff. Far far from your typical athlete press conference stuff. In fact unimaginable coming from the mouths of most athletes or even from Mike Tyson until recently.

Failure can breed Wisdom

Here is more

” I think I am USELESS to society. I don’t think I am worthy of the people who comer out to see me, but they do.” Followed by ” The money I make here is not going to help any of my bills really from a tremendous standpoint, but I’m going to feel better about myself. I’m not going to be depressed.”

Yes this 40 year old Mike Tyson facing his own mortality and Old Age not that far in the future, is or was the same Mike Tyson who served time for Rape, who tried to bite off Evander Holyfield’s ear and said that he wanted to eat yes to eat Lennox Lewis’ children a viable threat in light of the ear biting incident.

That is not the Mike Tyson talking now

listen to this ….

” The best decision I ever made was to retire from Boxing. Because I don’t have any stress. I’m pretty simple. I like the person I am now more than I did. I DON’T LIKE IRON MIKE I LIKE MIKE TYSON.” Tyson is still in tremendous debt and will be for the rest of his life. He reportedly squandered more than $300 Million in the last 20 years and still owes huge sums. But if that is what it took to make Mike Tyson a person no one ever thought he might become is seems well well worth all the failure and all the pain. And money.

Sure all this MIGHT be an act

except Tyson has NOTHING to gain

acting and lying at this Stage

of his Spartan Life

In fact let’s end with a Litmus Test that Mike Tyson passed on Thursday. There may be none ( well maybe a very few ) examples in the annals of Sports of any Athlete being philosophical more even poetic about the Weather.

Let’s conclude with this

Mike Tyson’s “Ode To Rain”

( which is frequent in Youngstown his home )

” I love the rain. The rain to me is like sun to some people. It may sound pretty morbid but that is why I stayed here so long.”

The New Mike Tyson

Good Luck Mike

Enjoy the Rain

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