Go West Young Man Frank Thomas Born Again With A’s

Updated: September 26, 2006



It’s 2000 miles and

a World Championship away

when you leave Chicago

for Oakland or


Long time First Baseman Frank Thomas is about to find out. Cast off by the Chicago White Sox after knee injuries caused him to miss the Playoff and World Series last year which the Sox won without him. Thomas is doing the Sox one better this season. His former team is out of it this season.

The White Sox will not

repeat as World Champs

but Thomas might !

Thomas has become the heart & soul of this year’s Oakland Athletics whose Magic Number for clinching the AL West is 2. It could happen Tuesday night. Thomas spent 16 Glorious or Inglorious seasons with the White Sox depending on who you listen to. But in one of those endless examples of Degrees of Separation what may most have caused his Split with Chicago was a player without no direct connection to this Baseball Break Up.

1000 miles away from Chicago in Philadelphia Thomas’ Fate and his opportunity for a World Championship Ring this season may have been sealed by Phenom Ryan Howard. Young Howard’s play in Philly made their seemingly entrenched First Basemen Jim Thome very expendable and very expensive to keep.

Sox GM Ken Williams eyes may have lighted up when faced with the potential to grab First Rate First Baseman Jim Thome. And another World Championship. Whether his eyes blazed or not Thomas was a Goner. And a nasty spat between African Americans Ken Williams and Frank Thomas ensued.

There wasn’t much interest in Thomas

More DH than First Baseman in recent years with perennial injuries and dwindling output at then 37 having spent his entire career with the White Sox since coming up as a Rookie in 1990. Only 3 teams including the As bothered to call. NONE OF THEM had any interest in Thomas’ $8 million salary.

He only hooked up with Oakland after agreeing to play for an “embarrassing” $500,000 plus incentives that might get it up to $3.5 Million. He’s already earned part of that but to get it all he must reach 550 plate appearances, and win the American League MVP and World Series MVP. All within Reach. If barely.

Certainly Thomas is No Stranger to the MVP having won it in consecutive years in 1993 and 1994 not done all that often consecutively. 11 years Thomas has reached 550 total at bats in his 16 prior Big League seasons. Last year he finally won a World Series if only technically. So he’s been there.

So far this season Thomas as of Tuesday afternoon the Oakland DH is batting .269 with 38 HomeRuns and 108 RBIs while scoring 75 runs “playing” the Dugout for Oakland when not Batting. Even more than his Stats everyone by the Bay credits Frank Thomas with sparking the As most of all the second half of the season.

“Nobody” is picking Oakland to become World Champions this year but maybe they should. They keep fielding teams that surprise everyone year after year. They win or almost win the AL West year after year. If they can slip past the Evil Yankees they may be a Big Problem for the NL Champs. Get ready Willie.

While White Sox GM

Ken Williams sits at home

and Fumes at Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas might be

leading the As to Glory

the World Series MVP

for Himself and

A Big Smile

Who knows

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