Athlete’s Death At A Very Early Age Dale Lloyd Unknown Causes

Updated: September 25, 2006



Sunday afternoon

Rice University Freshman

and Promising Running Back

Dale LLoyd

( a little bit younger perhaps )

was just like the rest of us


less than a day later

Dale Lloyd is


of unknown causes

A perfectly healthy young 19 year old athlete with his entire life ahead of him and dreams of Football Glory ringing in his head, most likely watching some of his heroes on TV Sunday afternoon, then collapsed Sunday evening

On the Practice Field

By Monday morning

Lloyd was Dead

of unknown causes

this perfectly healthy

young man lifeless

in the morgue today

Taken to the best medical facility imaginable with the finest doctors taking care and all the medical equipment in the world they proved helpless to save Lloyd’s Life. He did not drink or smoke. He maintained a superior 3.23 GPA throughout high school. With a great disposition all agree. Before arriving at Rice he was celebrated in not only football but likewise in baseball playing outfield.

None of that matters now

Dale Lloyd is Dead

at 19

What will happen now the University a little bit, much more Rice football and his coaches and teammates will take note, take some message from his Death just don’t ask what that is. Throughout the rest of the season Dale Lloyd will be on their minds. By spring he will begin to fade. When next season comes around Dale Lloyd will be barely a faint memory to all but his Family. Their Grief.

Lloyd’s bio on the Rice Football Website is brief. It’s almost impossible to have accomplished much at 19. Lloyd still can be found on MySpace ( as of Monday afternoon late ). Nothing special there. A typical teenager. People are leaving messages for him there. Hoping or believing MySpace has reached the Other Side. Why not. The Internet is everywhere.

A few samples left today …

“dale i miss you so much but I know your in a better place. Say hello to all for me. We are all trying to smile down here knowing your in a better place up there. Your awesome Dale and I love you.” RIP MY HAWAIIAN DJ.

“Best friend…this is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’m in tears…and I don’t cry. At first I thought everybody was trippin talking about you gone…where did he go? I just can’t believe it…We were supposed to go to “B-DUBBS” to eat lunch and talk about college life…I miss you already…I miss you forever.” RIP Best friend

“Hey Dale!!! I know God makes no mistakes ( i’m trying soooo hard not to tear up while writing this). You will be truly missed by everyone. So now you have your wings, halo, and white rob. Wow it was just the other day I talked to you on here. I thank God for the time he enabled us to embrace the joy and ambiance you had. I will always remember the nickname you gave me our junior yet in Mrs. Poston’s class, Exotic Princess. I will miss you greatly and will see you when God calls me home (Don’t have tooo much fun without me).” Love Always, Falen, AKA. Exotic Princess.

There are many many more

messages for Dale Lloyd


but Dale Lloyd

will not respond

Dead at 19

This Black Box

a short memorial

for a young athlete

who might have earned

his way here but now

never will

Dale Lloyd Dead at 19

of unknown causes

but Dead nonetheless

let’s hope he’s watching

Monday night football

from High Above

while you count

Your Blessings

down Below.

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….