Major Trade Brewing Maybe

Updated: June 29, 2006



What would Sports be

without Big Trades


Rumors about

Big Trades

And Rumor of the Week is certainly Big League if nothing else. Allen Iverson departing Philadelphia for Boston. We are here to decide Fact or Fiction as well as Mere Mortals can in such situations (yes even the Box as is obvious by our occasional factual mistake we’re Mortal). Without any true Facts to analyze.

Here is the Basic Rumor

Feel free to Embellish it

or start your Own

It seems to be Fact that Boston and Philadelphia Brass have been discussing a trade this Summer that involves Iverson. But that it would be a Complex Deal involving a Three Way with an as yet unnamed 3rd Team.

There is a Rumor

it is or was Utah

And the player being Carlos Boozer in a Mix with Boston players Wally Szczerbiak, Gerald Green and Al Jefferson. Now there is talk the 3rd team might be Cleveland and the player Drew Gooden. We might as well throw in Damon Jones since we Boxed him the other day. And made the claim the Cavaliers may be very interested in dealing him somewhere else. Right now.

As to be expected the major “players” in this intrigue mainly the General Managers enjoy these chess matches and playing with the Media. Which feasts on such Rumors like Vultures on a ripe carcass.

76ers President/GM Billy King says the following “People call. We listen. That’s our job. People call about a lot of players NOT JUST PARTICULARLY ALLEN.” Maybe not Billy but how many as BIG as Iverson ??

It remains unclear what exactly Philadelphia could get that would make giving up Iverson look like anything other than a Suicide Play. Some Pundits offer their view Carlos Boozer fits that Bill ????

Another possibility that will prove True or False very quickly is that the 76ers are more interested in rebuilding than maintaining their Status Quo even if Iverson is at the center of the Status Quo. That a complex deal that could net Philadelphia some outstanding draft picks by trading up considerably from the Draft slots they currently hold, is another Possibility.

Now let’s hear the Rumors

by way of Boston

You can hear if you want their Wish List includes not only Iverson but also Shawn Marlon, Rachard Lewis, Richard Jefferson and yes Kevin Garnett. Now that is a Shopping List.. Might as well add LeBron. It’s Christmas in Boston.

Here is what Celtics Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge has to say, “I don’t know ” (good start) discussing giving up their First Round Draft Choice as part of a Deal. ” There’s a chance. We’re still having conversations. There are some deals I would like to do for the pick, but I have no idea if we can find a partner, and do what we want to do. We need good players. I keep saying I’m not interested in run of the mill veterans I’m looking for talent.”

Ainge that is quite a Mouthful

of Absolutely Nothing.

But there is more

Ainge continued, ” So if there’s an All-Star veteran to be had for a couple of young guys or a draft pick and one of the young guys I WOULD DO THAT. But we are trying to develop great players. Right now I would say that for the first time since I’ve been here we have chips to play, so that’s good.”

Now this is starting to Sound

Like a Deal

that the 76ers and Celtics

are negotiating thru the Media

And we’re doing our Part

Hey somebody find Allen


what do you think

of the color


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