Women’s Lacrosse Sameole Sameole

Updated: May 25, 2006




what do Duke’s men’s & women’s

Lacrosse teams share in common ?

Both have ONE African American player

and now both have insulted

African Americans

The Duke women who will play in the NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship Final 4 today in Boston have decided to wear INNOCENT arm bands during the game in “support” of the Duke men’s lacrosse team.

Of course it’s inappropriate. But are you surprised that Duke University President Richard Brodhead has no problem with it. Well President Brodhead there are 3 men’s players under indictment for a major crime and until and unless they are acquitted of all charges this gesture is an INSULT to African Americans.

But why be surprised by the Institutional Racism we have already documented at Duke University so well exemplified by the make up of their athletics program and specifically here the lacrosse program.

Surprise Surprise

Just as the now suspended Duke men’s lacrosse team has just ONE African American on its 47 member roster and NO Blacks on its coaching staff, the women’s team now playing in the National Championship in the Semi-final round in Boston has all of ONE African American player on its 31 player roster and NO Blacks on its coaching staff.

We made the point in an earlier Box had the Duke men’s team had a significant number of African Americans on their teams, it would have been impossible for the white team members to then go out to have “fun” humiliating Black women hiring them to “dance” for them, of course as they NEVER hired White Women to do.

Well in the very same way IF the women’s team had a reasonable number of African Americans on its team they NEVER would have decided to wear INNOCENT arm bands in their championship games in support of the WHITE men on the Duke lacrosse team humiliating BLACK women.

IF the Duke Administration led by President Brodhead was not Lily White as noted in an independent review after the lacrosse team incident in March, Duke would NEVER have allowed these women to use the lacrosse field and the national championships to make a clearly “political” statement and very publicly.

But it isn’t only Duke

and guess what …..

Of the FOUR NCAA women’s teams in the Final 4 Duke’s is to make a mockery of it more “integrated” (sic) than TWO of the other 4.

Great Notre Dame University and lacrosse powerhouse Northwestern both have NO African Americans at all on their teams, and yes the fourth team Dartmouth has “tied” Duke for the honors of having ONE African American on theirs.

And here is another Fact

of the 16 members of the

Coaching Staffs of

ALL 4 teams

there are NO Black coaches


And to wrap it all up

of the 112 players

who will take the Field

Friday night in Boston

exactly TWO of them

are African American

What Racism ???

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