Two Korean American Brothers Join NFL

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Updated: May 31, 2006
Will Demps (left) and Marcus Demps, the first half-Korean brothers to make it into the U.S. National Football League./Yonhap

KOREA—Two more half-Korean athletes have made it into the U.S. National Football League in the footsteps of star player Hines Ward. Will Demps (27) and Marcus Demps (23) were born to an African American father who worked for the Air Force for 20 years and a Korean mother.

Will played in Baltimore for four years before moving to the New York Giants this season, and defensemen Marcus, who graduated from San Diego State University, signed a contract with the Detroit Lions on May 8. Both are NFC teams, making a brother-to-brother bout likely soon.

The brothers are both 180 cm tall and graduated from Highland High School in Palmdale, Ca. and SDSC. Their role is safety checking offences from opposite teams by intercepting and tackling while defending their team from the rear. Also in the NFL, Johnnie and Chad Morton are brothers from USC born to an African American father and a Japanese mother.