Rising Star Lisa Salters

Updated: May 31, 2006



Maybe you didn’t notice

at the Heat – Pistons game

Monday night

the Brightest Star

in the Arena

Sorry Shaq

But young dynamic African American reporter / commentator Lisa Salters was on the Scene as she has been throughout the Playoffs for ABC / ESPN courtside providing the best coverage of the games with her interviews and analysis of the action at key moments. She is on Fire !

Lisa former college basketball player herself at Penn State she graduated into Broadcasting after getting her Degree beginning in news not Sports. Distinguishing herself with a series of harrowing reports as a very young correspondent in the Desert from the Middle East before USA’s Iraq invasion.

After that ABC execs saw her potential on another “battlefield” sports in America and around the world hosting ESPN’s coverage of the 2002 Soccer World Cup and more recently ESPN’s coverage of the Winter Olympics from Torino, Italy.

Expect to see Salters for the remainder of the Miami – Detroit series and then through the NBA Finals. The positive irony here is that she is far more a presence to the audience than the play by play guys who supposedly have the best assignment.

Lisa Salters is proving otherwise

From the NBA Championship Salters is “graduating” to ABC’s brand new Saturday night college football series this Fall which ABC is counting on heavily for BIG ratings, and where Lisa Salters will be the sideline reporter all season long.

If she keeps up her very impressive pace and continues to develop her considerable skills and engaging personality in the coming years she may leave all sports reporters and commentators behind achieving a new higher stature for women in sports broadcasting. Rising higher and higher in Broadcasting.


this African American dynamo

is in a League by Herself

Go Girl !

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