Oprah and her Legends-Buth where were the athletes?

Updated: May 26, 2006

Sometimes I really disagree with the Black Box.

No, a lot of times I disagree with the Black Box.

Not this time.

They were right on the money when it comes to Oprah Winfrey and her so called “Legends Ball.”

The usual cast of sisterhood was there, Mariah, Maya, Halle, and Tina.

Seems like another excuse for Black folks to bust out the Vera Wangs and Versace gowns and all that bling bling, if you ask me.

Of course many members of Oprah’s warm, close and personal posse members were all there.

One group of legends weren’t there or at least no body mentioned them-athletes.

Did she have any as guests, let alone legends?

What makes these people, mostly women, legends?

Is it because Oprah says they are?

She says that they’re women she’s admired.

Because I’m a nosy son of a gun, I want to know, does she have any male legends that she admired and why doesn’t she have some male legends period?

Her show is based in Chicago, but you notice the ball is held always here in California.

Doesn’t she realize not far from her studio in Chicago, there’s a big old statue of a real legend right outside of the United Center?

Michael Jordan has a statue, Oprah and you don’t yet.

Isn’t he a legend/ This isn’t a put down of you, Oprah.

You do a lot of good things and you’re able to move mountains when the govenment ain’t even trying, like in New Orleans.

But newsflash, I don’t want to see or hear about stars and folks problems.

That’s what your good buddy Doctor Phil’s show is for.

As a black female sportsfan and writer, I, like Black Box would like to know why didn’t you get involved with the Washington nationals organization?

If Condelezza Rice can say she’d like to be the NFL commissioner one day and Jay Z can be a part owner of the New Jersey Nets, Oprah, put some clout in Washington.

We keep hearing how African Americans aren’t intersted in baseball anymore.

Imagine if Oprah lent her name to the Nationals?

Not only would the sports pages care, but all those tabloids would be on this like white on rice.

But not a word from Miz Oprah.

It seems like she doesn’t have an interest in anything that has to do with sports.

The only time you see an athlete on her show, they’re talking about their personal problems.

Oprah, movie stars, singers and poets aren’t the only legends in the black community.

Some of them play sports, too.