New Newark Mayor Takes On Hockey

Updated: May 30, 2006



Hopefully Cory Booker will be

the exact opposite of

Washington’s spineless mayor

Anthony Williams

Williams bent over until his head touched the ground for Baseball and it’s absurd Stadium demands. Looks like Booker fortunately is singing a different tune to the rip-off Hockey perpetuated on Newark. A new arena deal that is likely to cost Newark $300 Million for a team and a sport few Newark residents will ever see the inside of and couldn’t care less about. For a sport they are as likely to see a Black player in one of those games at the Newark Hockey Taj Mahal as winning the big prize in the New Jersey lottery.

Newark needs NHL hockey

like it needs a Category 5 hurricane

The previous corrupt ( yes Black ) administration in Newark, New Jersey, one of the Blackest and poorest cities in America, where Cory Booker a few weeks ago trounced the Incumbents in his second try for Mayor gaining a whopping 72% of the vote in the May 9th election, at 37 with Giant Ambitions for himself, just may be the person to end this Con.

Let’s put this in Perspective

There could not have been a worse proposal than for Newark, New Jersey, to commit up to $300 Million to bring the New Jersey Devils from the swamp called the Meadowlands to Old Newark. New Jersey. It defies Logic. Currently at least in the Continental Arena there they share the facility with an NBA franchise the New Jersey Nets. But the Nets are headed East to now fashionable Brooklyn, New York, leaving the new Newark arena without any chance of having another significant franchise play there. And empty much of the Time.

As for other uses for the new facility that is all unsubstantiated misleading conjecture. Newark has nothing that would attract major conventions or other events to fill the arena the rest of the year. Not the hotels. Not the restaurants. Not the attractions. Nothing that conventioneers want in a special location. Plus they have nearby New York City pr Philadelphia as appealing options. Yet discredited outgoing Mayor James, the New Jersey equivalent of Washington DC Con Man Tony Williams opened the safe for NHL Hockey.

At a Staggering Cost

So getting out of this Deal and stopping construction of this White Elephant before it rises to the eternal dismay of Newark is Mayor-elect Cory Booker’s first priority. But to do that he can’t act alone. It will take a Municipal Council that is not Bought & Paid For. That will be determined by Council elections in June which Booker is aggressively campaigning for like minded candidates.

How bad is this Deal

Newark tore down a much needed

and brand new Fire Station to

make way for the new Arena

about to be Built.

Yes indeed this Box is ALL about Sports. How Sports can be used again and again to Abuse rather than uplift the African American community if Black America is not always vigilant. The Rich White Boys who own pro sports and Hockey worst of all without even a nod to African Americans, will take everything and anything they can take from Inner Cities and no worse example than this Fiasco in Newark ….

….. one of the most depressed cities in America, with absolutely no hockey following whosoever forced to foot a $300 million bill so wealthy white suburbanites who don’t want their well manicured communities to be burdened with a traffic generating arena stuff it to Newark instead.


draw the Battle Lines here

time for Sanity and

Fairness from Sports for

African American communities.

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