Mudcat Grant’s Passion 13 Black Aces

Updated: May 22, 2006



The name they have

given themselves

is Perfect

Now they have a Book

and Website

While it might not have been the purpose of MudCat Grant and the other African American 20 game winners in the history of Major League Baseball, packaging and marketing themselves, can only help to get more young African Americans re-interested in Baseball. It may not overwhelm every Black kid but the idea of becoming an elite pitcher with an historic accomplishment has its Value.

The more obvious purpose behind Grant writing this new book and why the 11 living Black Aces have joined in the new Website is to keep their legacy alive and promote themselves and their accomplishments. The 2 deceased members are Sam Jones who died in 1971 and Earl Wilson who died last year. It should be noted one Ace is serving a prison term in Florida the troubled Dwight Gooden.

The true King of this group is Bob Gibson with Five 20 or more victory seasons. Plus 3 others where he came close twice with 19 victories and another with 18. Gibson of course is in Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Actually with even more 20 game victory seasons is fellow Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins with 7 seasons as a Black Ace with 20 wins or more.

Right behind them is the very first African American 20 game winner who began his career in the Negro Leagues. Brooklyn Dodger Great Don Newcombe with Three 20 victory seasons. Another close with 19. The only player ever to win Rookie of the Year, MVP and the Cy Young Award in their career. Newcombe is not but should be in the Hall. Don Newcombe will be 80 in June .The oldest Black Ace.

The other multiple season Black Aces are Vida Blue with 3. And Dave Stewart with 4.

MudCat Grant, Sam Jones, Earl Wilson, Al Downing, J.R. Richards, Dwight Gooden, Mike Norris, and the newest member of the Black Aces, young Dontrelle Willis have one 20 or more victory seasons to each of their credits.

Willis the only active Ace, who in his 3rd season. last year was the winningest pitcher in the Majors going 22-10. Although he is struggling this year with as a Florida Marlin with Baseball’s weakest team behind him over the next 10-15 years he is likely to become a multiple year Black Ace.

Back to the “brains” behind this operation 70 year old Jim MudCat Grant, and primary author of the new book. No doubt about it Grant is the Spokesman for the Aces. His personal campaign goes beyond his concern for and pride in the Black Aces. He is a vocal proponent for what maybe a whimsical project to create a Museum specifically to honor African American Major League Baseball players.

Most important of all Grant is also an advocate for bringing young African Americans back to Baseball. He is another notable member of the ever growing Chorus making the point that 3 decades ago 27% of MLB players were African American. Today well under 10%. He repeats the refrain over and over, ” We are slowly disappearing in the game.”

Grant’s most potent crusade is to go into the Inner Cities with other members of the Black Aces preaching their love of Baseball and presenting themselves as models of he kind of success young African American boys can have in Baseball that will change their Lives. As future Black Aces.

The Black Aces

are Legends of Baseball

who should be Heroes

for a new generation of

African Americans in Baseball

Pray for them and their Efforts

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