Is Reggie Bush Saint or Sinner For New Orleans

Updated: May 28, 2006



The games athletes play

are not only on the Field

just ask Reggie Bush

for One

In Young Reggie Bush’s case it can be called the Mario Williams factor. Williams who surprised the football world when Houston made him and not Bush the #1 choice in the 2006 Draft, had unintended consequences. Mario Williams’ salary package to be precise. The Houston Texans gave Williams a $54 Million deal covering 6 years which in the reality of NFL contracts will guarantee him $26 Million no matter what. For instance if Williams suffered a serious career ending injury and was Cut. He still gets about half of the $54 Million.

So logically from Bush and his agents point of view that is what Reggie Bush deserves or A Lot More. As a Running Back not a lowly Defensive End. Reggie is learning quick and why not. It’s a fast leap from unpaid college superstar, to grateful Draftee to the Real World where you judge yourself with Dollars.

Bush first announced right after he was Drafted he would NEVER hold out. Do something as Dastardly as not showing up when the real pre-season Saints camp opens in July. The idea of playing money games with the Hurricane ravaged city of New Orleans and its recovery letting down the Saints fans. Never.

Well Never has arrived

Reggie is talking Tough

pay me Big or else

Yes it’s a Dance. But a tricky One. Even though there is no comparison between the rich owner of the NFL Saints Tom Benson and the struggling many destitute people of the Big Easy, Reggie Bush is in a precarious situation, if undeserved. Holding out for Mega-Bucks with any one of the other 32 NFL franchises does not hold the same risk for Bush’s reputation. And income potential.

Reputation as we all know in Sports translates directly into Endorsements and Sponsorships. And in Bush’s case off the field money that could add up to plenty more than his salary IF he plays well and IF he is seen as a Good Guy.

It is a rather unique Situation.

Not an easy one for the owner Tom Benson either. Obviously whatever his motivation, which may be his reputation for “frugality” probably just Power and making sure Young Reggie knows who is really the Boss, whatever his motivation so far he is unwilling to equal let alone better what Mario Williams got.

But if he holds firm and Bush boycotts Pre-Season Camp Benson risks dis-motivating Bush who is clearly the key to the Saints future, and Benson knowing full well by today’s standards Bush is worth the $54 Million the Texans are paying Williams for 6 years.

And that Benson will make that back many many times over if Bush rescues lowly New Orleans and turns them into an NFL Powerhouse and Championship Team. Actually whether he does or not Bush will put inevitably fans in the Stands and increase the broadcast audience. Both are beyond dispute.

Creating a more valuable Franchise for Tom Benson.

If you are a Football Machiavellian

You may decide there is no Mystery here but simply a very easy to understand negotiation process underway. That Benson ultimately is resigned to paying Bush as much as Mario Williams, but sees the potential to be sure he not get cornered into paying him even more. That when he finally breaks down and offers Bush $54 Million more or less for 6 years or a shorter deal with comparable Dollar ….

…… that Bush has no choice but to say Yes and Thank You Boss. Just as surely Bush and his agent may have gauged Benson will try and use the Hurricane aftermath to give him less than Williams and that in Realty when it comes down to it Bush will be happy to get a contract comparable to Williams in Houston in the End.

You are just as Correct

if you say

Who Cares

Same as Bush’s Battle of the Numbers which he did Lose. Bush wanted “desperately” to keep his cherished #5 from his college days in contradiction of the NFL player numbering system which insures all running backs wears numbers in the 20s. The NFL said NO Reggie and so Bush will have to be happy with #25. Although he clearly will not be 5 times as happy than with his cherished #5.

Yes it’s all Meaningless

in the Real World

what the Gods of Football

do with their Riches and

uniform numbers

All Football Fans want

are cleats on the Gridiron

60 minutes of Adrenaline

every Game

but let’s be Fair

there is Value here

stuff for us to write about

in the Box

in the Spring !

to keep you Happy

thinking Football

Only 2 months to the first exhibition game

Praise the Lord of Football

we are another day closer

to the 2006 Season

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….