Crafted Sports Report: Mr. Vick Has Arrived

By Chris Craft
Updated: May 31, 2006

ATLANTA, GEORGIA— Here in Atlanta and across the league, everyone is going crazy over Michael Vick. His name is on the tongues of every ex-quarterback turned analyst� amazed by his talent, speed, and poise. Some people weren�t sure of him while he was at Virginia Tech, thinking that he was simply a runner and not a pocket passer. Since Week 1, Vick has been exhibiting the ability that will sky rocket him to a status amongst the elite quarterbacks in football history.

You take 4.2 speed, a cannon for an arm, poise in the pocket, and a sense to know when to take off down field and you have a dangerous package that will be a headache for defensive coordinators across the league. This past week, he went up against his cousin, Aaron Brooks, and proved that he can persevere and come back from taking hits. The Saints were all over Vick early in the game, but heart and of course skill allowed Vick to bounce back to lead the Falcons to a 37-35 victory. The proof in the pudding proved to be the 2-minute drill where Vick went 4 for 6 (including the 2 spikes) passing and did his thing on the ground to set up Jay Feely�s game-winning field goal.

Let�s forget about the eye-popping speed and the uncanny fakes that leave defensive players in the dust. Mike Vick has not thrown an interception dating back to last season. For a quarterback with limited NFL starts, this is an incredible stat. The danger is not only in his legs, it�s also in the accuracy of his arm. Vick puts the ball on a line and punishes the hands and pads of his receivers. I haven�t seen balls thrown so hard since Dan Marino was playing. I honestly don�t think Mike realizes the amount of zip he puts behind his throws. I was concerned with his throw to a wide open tight end in the end zone versus Green Bay in Week 1, where he put too much mustard on the ball and consequently led to an incompletion and a blown touchdown opportunity. Since then, Vick has had better control of his velocity and is making completions at a very good rate.

Listen people; all isn�t good. The talent and heart is there, but my concern is the fact that Vick hasn�t learned when to �give up.� Vick has to learn how to slide (like his cousin). He�s a huge part of the Falcon�s success and both he and his team can�t afford to have him beat up every week. Some say that running backs take the most punishment week in and week out. Well Vick is pretty much a quarterback with a running back�s abilities, which makes him double the target. Watch your back bro, the opposition is hip to your abilities and they�re going to try their best to take you out. Stay strong and live long Mike, you�re on your way to being the greatest.