Class Golfer African American Kevin Hall The Anti-Tiger

Updated: May 28, 2006



Kevin Hall will never

hear the Roar of the Crowd but

Finally a True African American Golfer

to root for with Abandon


Kevin Hall will never be Tiger Woods either. Or close. Who cares. There is far more value in rooting for Kevin Hall than they will ever be ‘giving it up’ for Tiger to win another tournament, another million, another sponsor, another yacht.

Kevin Hall has struggled all his life since age 2 when he became ill with meningitis and woke up to a Silent World Profoundly Deaf and will every day he lives. He is also another example of the too infrequent type of Black parents who are undeterred by adversity or stereotypes in sports in inspiring their children to pursue Dreams. Kevin was never allowed by his parents to feel there was anything he could not do because he is Deaf, and specifically when it came to Sports.

His parents made sure he was exposed to all kinds of sports, and had he not developed his passion for golf, and if bowling was more of a professional sport , Kevin with his over 200 average might have turned that sport to a career but …

Kevin Hall decided on Golf

and we are all better for it

for his Example and


Hall at 23 has not qualified yet for the coveted PGA Players Card which would make him a regular on the PGA Tour. He will. Be sure he will. Instead for now he has used his considerable credentials as a champion college player and winner of the Big Ten Championship during his college days, and combined those skills with his unique story as the only pro deaf golfer, to win himself sponsor “exemptions” to play in many name tournaments around the country. As his fan base grows with each new tournament.

As he describes himself …….

“When I write my letters to tournaments, I tell them that I’m deaf and I tell them that I’m black,” Hall said. “And then I tell them I don’t want them to look at me as different. I want them to look at me as a person who got through life, fighting, working hard. And I want them to look at me as a person who wants a chance – a chance to play with the best players in the world.”

To everyone’s credit it works

What we think Hall deserves even further credit for and separating him positively from Tiger Woods is that Kevin very publicly and frequently refers to himself as an AFRICAN American golfer. You can search the huge library of Tiger quotes as long as you like but you will find no such statement from Tiger Woods.

Where Tiger really comes up short is …..

ignoring Kevin Hall and

his Struggles & Promise

Yesyesyes Hall and his mother always make a big deal fawning over the fact back in 1998 at some tournament in Cincinnati, Woods actually spoke to Hall for a few moments and “encouraged” him. Here in the Box our response to that is more sanguine BULLSHIT TIGER

more of the Same.

All that means is Tiger cannot deny he knows about Kevin Hall and his powerful story as the ONLY other African American golfer in the pro game today. IF Tiger actually embraced Kevin Hall took him under his wing, instructed him, and urged others to work with him, periodically played with Kevin, assisted him and his family financially, today there is little doubt Kevin would have his own PGA Card, because his game would be even better, he would be more secure and Tiger wouldn’t be the ONLY African American at major tournaments.

Instead Tiger said all of 3 words

to Kevin Hall 8 years ago

and not a word since

so much for all you

Tiger Sycophants

If we lived in a fair

logical world

Tiger Woods would not

be worthy enough

to clean

Kevin Hall’s golf clubs

Kevin Hall

The Best True African American

Golfer playing Today




Friday night the Duke lacrosse women’s team was defeated by Northwestern in the NCAA nation championship semi-finals, 11-10 in overtime. Good for them after trying to turn the game into a forum for supporting the indicted Duke male players and in so doing insulting the entire African American community wearing arm & head bands that read INNOCENT.

Well at the last moment whether it was the NCAA or Duke stepping in ( probably the NCAA ) the Duke women were preventing from wearing that message but still wore the numbers of the 3 indicted players on arm bands.

Turns out it didn’t do them any Good !

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