Worth Repeating It’s Not About Football…

Updated: April 28, 2006






It is a match made in Heaven

even better than that !


And that is the Problem

isn’t it

Imagine if you owned a company with a very big customer base clamoring for a NEW product which you could readily produce if you wanted. Talk about success. Instead say you decided to say NO way. To tell your customers they can go to Hell if they like but you will never give them the produce they want so bad.

That business would be Finished

in fact it would never happen

unless you own an NFL team

then you have a monopoly

to do anything

you want

Welcome to Houston and the NFL Texans owned by Good Ole Rich Boy Robert McNair. His father didn’t raise his son to listen to mere peons and even less African American riff raff even if they are the majority in Houston, Texas.

This is about Power

and keeping it

Football is the Side Show

What’s the Point ?

Wednesday the Houston Texans made it known very publicly there was NO way they would draft Vince Young on Saturday. No matter what. End of story. Or so they hope. Their GM even went so far as to announce that even if they don’t draft Reggie Bush for any reason, they still would not draft Young. With the very first pick in Saturday’s NFL Draft they’d take a defensive player over Young. Basically anybody but Vince. Or sell the pick if they could. Anything but Vince !

What is the real Story ?

The rest of the media carries the news as those the real story was just what Houston fed them. The same way most of the media does most stories no matter what they say. The truth is the story and Texans owner Robert McNair’s decision not to draft Young has nothing to do with football at all. It is all about Power. And Race.

We covered this earlier

a few months ago

It is worth as second Box now that McNair has said what he only hinted at after Young won the national championship for the University of Texas. All those who separate sports from the Real World are only kidding themselves. Living in a world of Sports Fantasies.

Vince Young was 30-2 as a Division I NCAA starting Quarterback and the only player in Division I to pass for 3000 yards and run for 1000 yards the same season. He took the University of Texas to an undefeated season and beat highly favored USC for the National Championship in the Rose Bowel with one of the greatest single game performances of all time. He far out passed Matt Leinart and easily out ran Reggie Bush.

Yet it is supposedly logical for the worst team in the NFL last season with a hopeless Quarterback in David Carr who the Texans had to pay an $8Million dollar bonus because they just resigned him over Young. Get this Houston GM Charlie Cassidy said that what the team really needs to do is build a good team around Loser Carr to get them to the SuperBowl right. How ass backwards and beyond belief is that.

It is all very very simple

sadly too simple

To repeat the obvious the position of Quarterback is unique not only in Football but in all of Sports. The Quarterback commands attention and authority and interest like no other position and it really ratchets up for the Great Ones.

With that said and combined with the fact Houstonians are in LOVE with Vince Young. Black and white. Near and far. Poor and rich. Educated and less so. Women and men. The young and the old. Vince Young Quarterbacking the Texans to Victory would be unlike any phenomenon ever seen in the history of Sports.

If Young reaches only part of his Promise he will literally own Houston. And while not own the team technically he will for all practical purposes seem the Owner. Owner Robert McNair will recede to insignificance while a BLACK Man become the symbol of “his’ Houston Texans maybe forever.

Power and Race trump

Sports every day

Robert McNair ( and the real invisible power structure in Houston ) is not about to turn Houston or Power over to a young Black Man. Who even worse “God forbid” might decide to use his POWER on the Gridiron off the playing field. Speaking out on civic and racial issues and “God forbid” sooner or later even running for Houston Mayor or Jesus, Mary and Joseph yes Governor of Texas. An African American Governor of George W. Bush’s own state. Bite your tongue.

Wash your mouth out with Soap.

Of course you aren’t reading this

anywhere else in the Media

that is how POWER works

Such ideas are beyond way beyond anything you will ever see in the Major Media. Because their job is to protect power brokers like Robert McNair from such issues and on a larger scale making sure issues like Race are limited to “traditional” frameworks.

Besides which this kind of analysis is way over the head of most media types even if their editors hadn’t drank the Koolaid.

Jocks cover sports for the most part not insightful questioning journalists.

Sports is entertainment. Nothing more.

Of course (sic)

Houston won’t Draft

Vince Young

because he simply

isn’t good enough

for Houston

the worst team in the NFL

in desperate need of a Leader

and a new Quarterback

of course not Mr. McNair.

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