Raining on Reggie Bush’s NFL Draft Parade

Updated: April 27, 2006




Rain is falling

on Reggie Bush’s Parade

just as he makes his Grand Entry

to New York City and the NFL Draft

actually only a small shower

Still the media wave that will greet this much heralded USC running back on his way to Radio City Music Hall Saturday morning to be drafted #1 (very very likely), at a variety of promotional events in the days before in NYC and at his post draft press conferences, and for days to follow his family’s housing situation may get almost as much play as his NFL prospects.

Apparently Bush and his family broke the sacred rules of the Great NCAA, and now its time for Bush to pay with a press grilling for the rent he may not have for a rented house his immediate family lived in while he played for USC.

The issue came up at Bush’s first New York City appearance Wednesday at a media event where he signed a deal with Adidas to promote a line of clothing and a signature cleat that will bear his name in 2007. Here he got a taste of what to expect as inevitably rather than Adidas the questions turned to housing.

More than anything else this little flap nothing more than a side show that will have no impact on Bush or his career since he is leaving USC and the NCAA after his junior year to turn pro after winning the Heisman last December. The questioning turns out to be good training for Bush for dealing with the big league media he will be facing from now on a notch above or below depending on how you view such matters, than the media types he faced in the more protective college environment of Southern California.

Here is Bush’s well practiced reply Wednesday …..

” We have a case, a situation that’s been blown out of proportion due to maybe my public image. There is nothing to be worried about from our perspective. We’ve done nothing wrong. I’m looking forward to playing some football here come the next couple of months.” He’ll probably repeat that statement a hundred times before the weekend ends.

What it is all about is a 3000 sq. ft. house reported worth almost $1Million in Spring Valley, California, near the USC campus, lived in by Reggie’s mother and stepfather Denise and LeMar Griffin. Bush’s family lived there rent free in an arrangement with a businessman Michael Michaels who was apparently but no longer is planning a sports marketing company partnership with Bush.

Very strict NCAA student athlete rule book prevents any such arrangements in no uncertain terms. Athletes or their families, friends or enemies getting financial benefit from private sources. It is the NCAA’s transparent hypocritical effort to “prove” (sic) college football is not a business and has nothing to do with money.

One matter being raised that may give the story some wings even though Bush’s family has moved out of the house, Bush has severed any relationship with Michaels, and Bush being beyond the NCAA’s reach now is …..

Reggie’s Heisman Trophy

It remain to be seen if the Board of what remains of the Downtown NYC Athletic Club which has always and still controls the Heisman Award, will decide this possible NCAA violation is worth its attention, and if proven will they move to strip Reggie Bush of his Heisman Trophy. So far the jury of observers is out on whether this will reach that stage.

For the Media it would make for a juicer story.

No Heisman Winner has ever been stripped of his Heisman. If Bush was it would be an embarrassing footnote that would follow him the rest of his life. Not the inconsequential “infraction” but losing the Heisman. It seems unlikely the Heisman board will go there.

On the other hand …….

If purists gain sway and the media goes into a frenzy smelling Blood, the logic that could prevail assuming an infraction is confirmed and issued by the NCAA, is that no Heisman Winner has ever been so cited, and that technically had the matter been uncovered earlier Reggie Bush would have been sanctioned and ruled ineligible or at least he would not have gotten enough votes to win the Heisman.


Is this a Dilemma or not ?

Certainly if there is any real story here that is it. Heisman or No Heisman. At least one on line betting site is taking the matter what they would call seriously posting odds on whether or not Bush keeps or forfeits the Heisman. Their current betting line is he is only slightly more likely to keep it than lose it.

All we know is

if Bush ever did lose the Heisman

it then goes to the runner up

another very deserving

African American

( thank God )

Vince Young


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