NFL’s Black Future

Updated: April 30, 2006



26 – 6



In its annual show of Strength

African American players

defined the NFL

once again

The First Round of the 2006 Draft when the best of the best are selected was no different than past years.

The vast majority of teams chose Black players to fill their most pressing need.

Or to grab the best player still available. The same formula and results will predominate throughout all 7 rounds until late Sunday. An exhaustive process. That seems to go on Forever not 2 days. If you’re there.

Among the 26 Black players chosen in the 1st Round were players for all positions except center. Defensive end, running back tackle both offense and defense, safety, linebacker, tight end, cornerback, guard and oh yes Quarterback.

( never Kickers of course NO Black Kickers or Punters ever )

They come from colleges large and small, famous and obscure, from every corner of the United States. With first name that range from common like Michael and Ernie, to the bit less so like Mario and Antonio, to the more exotic D’Brickashaw and Kamerion but all African American all stars now with their early selection.

The biggest surprise of the day and honor of the day, one and the same went to African American Mario Williams, defensive end from North Carolina State, chosen #1 in the Draft by the Houston Texans passing up major hometown favorite Vince Young and Heisman winner Reggie Bush. We’ll find out if that choice is more about Williams talent or Houston’s lack of decision making skills soon enough.

Storm battered New Orleans can now see blue skies ahead and a sunny future in football anyway as they made a Saint of USC running wizard Reggie Bush. Barring another category busting hurricane Bush should have everyone on the bijou talking pigskin not storm insurance with their gumbo this fall. In a refurbished SuperDome.

The biggest winner of all

in our Book the Box


Passed over by 2 teams who don’t think they need the most exciting Quarterback in memory certainly since Atlanta was smart enough to draft Michael Vick #1 all the way back in 2001, 5 years ago. Still Young’s value was proven when he was chosen ahead of 2 white Quarterbacks which 90% of the white media gloated …..

…… in their mistaken belief both Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler would be selected before Young. It even seemed some of the more recalcitrant sports writers were trying to hint without having to foolish state their forlorn hope that maybe Vince Young would be humiliated by not being taken until Round 2.


Vince Young detractors

you lose

With every seat filled in the cavernous 6200 seat Radio City Music Hall when leading Draft prospects were introduced before the Draft, a group that included Leinart, Williams, Bush and Young the biggest ovation was for Vince Young. Again after his selection by Tennessee Vince Young received a roaring ovation decibels above the others. If a vote were taken no doubt the favorite player in Radio City Music Hall would have been Vince Young beyond a margin of error.

As they say from Outer Space

to Mission Control

” Houston we have a problem ”

The fans know a great one

when they see him

too bad for Houston fans and

the team owner they are

stuck with

Houston was filled with sad faces Saturday

If you were in and around that southern city this weekend you would witness group depression and disgust with Texans owner Robert McNair. Mario Williams may prove to be a defensive great but that does not ease the pain of Vince Young’s hometown and his most enthusiastic fans.

Had Houston selected Young you would have witnessed an unprecedented celebration on the streets of Houston more reminiscent of a SuperBowl victory. Still the Texans said NO to Young while resigning failed QB David Carr …

…. who will surely wear out his welcome in another wasted season or two leaving Houston to search wildly for another Vince Young to draft which it is unlikely they will find. Maybe McNair will be “forced” to sell the team local animosity toward him becomes so strong.

Divine justice at least.

The interesting question never to be fully answered is would the New Jersey Jets with the #4 pick right behind the Titans have drafted Vince Young if for some unanticipated reason Tennessee had passed on him. Vince Young’s choice would have lit up the New York media like a Christmas Tree for Sunday’s editions.

The Jets did not take the obvious choice left many had predicted and passed on Golden Boy Matt Leinart and took offensive tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson from the University of Virginia. Refusing to give up on injury prone questionable QB Chad Pennington who watching on ESPN for sure probably let out the biggest sigh of relief in NFL history. Then for ( medical ) insurance the Jets drafted injured QB (funny) Kellen Clemens from Oregon in Round # 2. It isn’t worth the pixels we wasted to say Kellen Clemens is no Vince Young.

And on and on

and on it goes

until 224 players

are Chosen

Many of whom will

but not all

make it in the NFL

Many more Black

than white

Congratulations All

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