Knicks’ Season: No New York, No New York, No!

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: April 24, 2006

NEW YORK – A season that had a promise of so much hope for the New York Knicks just ended with a thud and a sorrowful, nope. This was a season in which the fortunes of the Boys of Gotham were supposed to turn around for the better. But, this was indeed the worst season in the team’s history, finishing with a record of 23-59 which shows that they did not play at all together. This is after a boat load of cash was practically thrown at head coach Larry Brown to get the team to play “the right way.”

To wit, there was a lot of NO’s to go around. There was NO continuity, as the team seemed to playing as if it didn’t know what style it wanted to play. The evidence was an astounding NBA record 42 different line up changes. There was NO cohesion in the front office. The evidence here is the grand stand of Brown declaring that he was behind the acquisitions of Jalen Rose from Toronto and Stevie Francis from Orlando only to NOT play them in plenty of 4th quarter games. And this is after Brown declared that Stephon Marbury and Francis could be a modern day Earl “the Pearl” Monroe and Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

There was NO goodwill towards the roster albeit a flawed roster. The evidence was Brown’s constant complaining and degrading of what he had to work with. But, the money that Cablevision was shelling out to Brown, 10 million large there’s NO way he should have allowed this team to be this bad. Instead he ruined the confidence of some players while some others actually began to hate him.

There was NO togetherness on the Knicks. Case in point was the few times that guard Quentin Richardson wanting to rearrange the face of Marbury after Marbury got under his skin with complaints one too many times.

There was NO truth to the matters of the team as a whole. One case in point was how Knicks President and GM Isiah Thomas insisted, “we like the make up of our time. We’re heading in the right direction.” Well, the only way to agree with that particular statement is if one took LOSES as WINS in some weird sorta spooky way that no one else understands.

There seems to be NO end and NO beginning to where the Knicks need to fix the mess that they’ve gotten themselves into. They are way over the salary cap. And Isiah only made this unnecessarily worse by adding salary and talent that should have been left alone. Bringing in Francis for more than 50 million more dollars over the next 3 years and Jalen Rose who was paid 15.7 million this season and is owed 16.8 for next season is a real head scratcher. Especially since both are on the decline and neither one plays a lick of defense. Thus, there is NO difference maker between the two of them.

The said thing is that James Dolan is NO Mark Cuban. Cuban being not only the owner of the Dallas Mavericks but an astute basketball mind and knows what his team needs and has the savvy and wit to either learn or ask questions for further knowledge.

One thing is for certain, if someone in Knick-land doesn’t step in and becomes a voice of reason and a voice of sound and good judgment longer and more dreadful years of NO await.