Analyzing the NFL draft: USC White likes Young

By Joe Booker
Updated: April 26, 2006

Lendale White

Lendale White

TEXAS—Most major decisions are made on draft day. The first big move before the draft was made between the 49ers and Broncos. The 49ers traded up with Denver to get tight end Vernon Davis. The Broncos will get the 49ers 22 pick and their first pick in the second round.There could be other deals made by the time you read this article.

It appears the Texans will take Bush

The Texans appear to have eliminated all suspense of who they would take with their first pick, even though indications led to Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush.The Texans had denied that Bush was not their only choice.They brought in Maryland’s pass-rushing defensive end Mario Williams to help create suspense. The Texans know they will draw criticism from Vincent Young fans by not taking Young with the first pick. Only a Super Bowl appearance could make them forgive the Texans for not taking Young.

Young fans should not criticize Bush, if the Texans passed over him for Bush. It is not like the Texans taking David Carr over Julius Peppers, takingTravis Johnson over Derrick Johnson or taking Jabar Gaffney over Deion Branch. This is about taking the best running back to come along since Barry Sanders.But can he dominate a game like Young?

Houston Fans Are Not The Only Ones That Think Vincent Should Be Number 1

If you think Houston fans are the only ones that feel that Vincent Young should be the number 1 pick in the draft—think again.

It is believed if the Denver Broncos were in the same position as the Texans they would take Young. Sources quoted the Broncos front office as saying that “Young is the one player who has the potential to single-handedly dominate a game and can carry a franchise to dynastic proportion.”

“I would never trade away the three years I had with Matt as my quarterback,” said USC running back Lendale White. “If I was an NFL team, I don’t know how you could not take Vincent Young,” said White.A quarterback’s job is to control the game.When a guy throws for 260 yards and runs for 200 in the biggest game of the year, he doesn’t just control the game, he shows you he can completely take it over. Nothing against Matt (Leinart), but Vince has to be the no. 1 guy.”

Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders—the two players that Bush is often compared to had a combined won-loss record (119-136-3) and one playoff victory, which proves that it doesn’t matter how good a running back is, does not always lead to a championship

Saints Must decide on Williams and Ferguson

The New Orleans Saints must decide if they want Virginia‘s All-American tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson or Maryland’s All-American defensive end Mario Williams.

The Saints have two veteran defensive ends, but neither has the pass rushing ability of Williams. They must protect newly acquired quarterback Drew Bees and Ferguson is the guy to do it. It makes more sense to take Ferguson.You don’t bring in a new quarterback and leave him open to the wolves.

Titans divide over Leinart and Young

The Tennessee Titans are divided over Matt Leinart and Vincent Young.Young will get the nod, because owner Bud Adams and general manager Floyd Reese want him. Head Coach Jeff Fisher and offensive coordinator Norm Chow want Lienart. Chow runs an offense similar to what he ran at Southern California and feels that Leinart already knows the offense. What Fisher and Chow must do is change the offense to fit Young’s talent. The buck stops with Adams.Reese and Fisher are in the last year of their contract and another bad year could end their career with the Titans. Young could make Fisher a great coach and Reese a great GM. This should not be up for debate.

Jets could get their man

The New York Jets could get their man- Matt Leinart—without having to trade up with the Saints. The Jets had tried to make a deal with the Saints to move up to the number two spot to get Leianrt, but theSaints allegedly wanted too much.Look for the Jets tomake the pot a little sweeter for the Saints. Everything usually happens on draft day.

Packers must decide on Williams or Hawk

For a long time it was almost a given that the Packers would take Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk with their fifth pick. Now that it looks like Mario Williams could slip to the fifth, the Packers may take Williams.

Where will Hawk Go?

A.J. Hawk is the best linebacker in the draft.Scouts call Hawk a franchise linebacker.

The 49ers have the sixth pick and are rumored to want tight end Vernon Davis of Maryland, but if Hawk is on the board they may have a change of heart. The Oakland Raiders have the seventh pick and really wanted Vincent Young.They also like Michael Huff, the corner from Texas. This is going to be one of the most intriguing drafts in a long time. Get your favorite beverage, pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy he action.