NCAA: It Just Keeps Getting Worst…

By J. Double
Updated: January 29, 2006

DETROIT, MICH —Some people still stand to miss the boat on the NCAA. After seeing Coach Terry Bowden come out and speak on financial receptions of his former players, the “telephone scandal” at Providence University, the “Ed Martin scandal”, the stealing at stores by U of M and Florida State U football programs, and many other continuous ” improprieties of the NCAA some people still thinks the NCAA system is fair.

Number one you may need to check out the athletic graduation ratio. It proves what most athletes go to college for… Sad to say but trust me as a former NCAA athlete at both a predominantly white institute, as well as a predominantly black institute, the scholarship purpose of education isn’t the thing that turns most athletes view point towards the institute, but it is the promotion and publicity that the majority of these athletes view as there reason to attend a college. Why do you think most black athletes choose predominantly white colleges over Historically Black College and Universities. Most athletes go into these institutes with a goal of making it to the major leagues. Going into college most black athletes from “the hood” feel like sports, music, and entertainment is there only way out of the hood.

But furthermore, as people as if myself have been saying for years, just the way religion and government don’t mix, nor does sports and government or public institutions.

Ask yourself why do you think the only team sports that don’t have great minor league systems, are sports that have heavy minority involvement. The difference is there is not enough minority investors to be able to speak out to what the minorities need or should have, as if there is to the white culture, and I am not speaking of political officials, who are out to make a name for themselves. We don’t have enough minority investors investing in a minority league in football or basketball, that prevents the NCAA from making a living off of minorities that have the ability to play in the NBA or NFL at some point. So as a minority we have to use the NCAA as our stage, and it is a rip off how our these athletes work 40+ hours a week between practice, work out schedules, and other team related activities, with no pay.

In the words of Karen Sykes, my former professor, who is now the President of the NJCAA, “college athletics was designed to be a privileged institute of sports for college students, not a profession”. That is why there is no way in hell any person with morals of life should think it is fair for an institution to be as bias and controlling for there own benefits, and not look out for the well being of others. What did Northwestern University do for Rasheedie Wheeler’s family after his death on a Northwestern University practice field. The NCAA is a new form of professional slavery. The use of men for there own profit, with no form of competition of wage, nor stage.

In order for the NCAA, full of tradition, and old written rules, can be transformed, is by abandoning and destroying the entire NCAA system, and the only way it will ever be destroyed is if there is another high level competitor with the financial abilities to give the stage that the NCAA gives to athletes today.