Celebrate Black Athletes- in Hockey

Updated: January 31, 2006

It’s time to celebrate the achievements of black atheletes-hockey players.

Contrary to belief and articles even here on blackathlete.net, Jarome Iginla isn’t the only black hockey player in the league.

All right. admit it, some of you didn’t even know black people play hockey or even care because after all, only white people play it.

Sorry, here’s a news flash for some of you-it’s just not the puck that’s black in hockey.

Black folks have been skating and playing hockey since the 1900’s.

Yeah, yeah, it’s Canada, where they’ve been doing this, and the Canadian province of Nova Scotia is known as “the birthplace of Black hockey,” but so what.

We were in “the rink” early, so to speak.

You say you can’t get into watching hockey because there aren’t any “brothers” for you and your children to relate to.

News flash again.

Wake up and watch the brothers not only skate, but kick ass and take names at a hockey rink near you.

Besides Jarome Iginla, there’s Kevin Weekes playing in goal for the New York Rangers.

The Rangers haven’t won the Stanley Cup, which is what all hockey players try to win, since 1994.

They might win it this year.

If you like rough and tough athletes, A.I and Donovan McNabb, aren’t the only black athletes to watch in the “City of Brotherly love”.

The Philadelphia Flyers have one of the toughest brothers in the league in Donald Brashear.

You like a lot of scoring with all that ass whipping?

Forget about Jason Kidd and Vince Carter with the Nets, Sean Brown of the New Jersey Devils is your guy.

You say you can’t get into hockey because they fight way too much and it’s too rough.

This is the new nhl and it’s all about the scoring and speed and less about the fighting.

And if you don’t like rough sports, take up playing trivial pursuit or something.

You don’t see hockey players acting the fool off the ice, nor cursing at fans or reporters when they’re being interviewed.

You definately won’t see any of these brothers going into the stands because their wives/girlfriends want to be bigger stars than they are.

Besides these brothers, here are some other brothers in hockey to celebrate not only in February, but all year long.

Ray Emery- Ottawa Senators Georges Laraque- Edmonton Oilers Mike Grier- Buffalo Sabres Anson Carter- Vancouver Canucks Gerald Coleman- Tampa Bay Lightning Bryce Salvador and Jamal Mayers- St. Louis Blues