BASN NFL Picks: Week 17

By Tony McClean
Updated: December 29, 2005
NEW HAVEN, Ct. — The last dance. Week 17 is here. For some, it’s last call. You know the saying. “You ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell up outta here.” For some, a ticket to the postseason awaits. For others, a chance to draft a certain USC running back or a certain Texas quarterback.
While some teams await the playoff hoopla, others are double parked with an 8 a.m. tee time awaiting them Monday morning. The last game films, last tackle, last roll of tape — you know what I’m talking about.
Like the two previous weeks, the week begins on Saturday. However, the majority of the schedule will be played out and finished on New Year’s Day. Then all the rest of you football junkies can get ready for the BCS, while awaiting the playoffs.
It’s a great time to be a football fan. So, lets sit back, relax, and enjoy.
With 131 rushing yards Saturday vs. the Chargers, Denver’s Tatum Bell (869) would join teammate Mike Anderson (1,014) as the first team running-back duo since Cleveland’s Kevin Mack (1,104) and Earnest Byner (1,002) in 1985 to each post 1,000 yards.
Which division was the last to have three 10-game winners in the same season?
A. AFC East
B. NFC West
C. AFC West
D. NFC East
Entering Week 17, Ickey Woods’ 15 rushing TDs in 1988 is still Cincinnati’s single-season record for running backs.
LAST WEEK: 5-11 (137-96)
Not exactly wowing ’em down the stretch. I waited 16 weeks to have my worst week of the year. But now that it’s out my system, I’m ready to bounce back. Hey, it can’t get worse (knock wood).
With the Vikings loss on Sunday night, Big Blue clinched a playoff berth. This came despite an ugly game against the Skins. Now for the second straight week, TC and the boys try to claim the NFC East. All they have to do is beat ol’ buddy Kerry Collins and Da Raidahs. With the win, New York will likely host a Wild Card game next week. I’m guessing they should have any problems with Oakland, but stranger things have happened.
Pick: Giants.
Losing at home to the Tuna Helpers last week has made Sunday’s visit to Atlanta the game of the year for the Panthers. If they win, they’re in. If Tampa also loses, they’ll be division champs as well. But first things first and this will not be easy. Despite being eliminated, you just know the Dirty Birds would just love to play spoilers. While I think they’ll keep it close, Atlanta is now playing for 2006.
Pick: Panthers.
It has been an amazing month for Grandpa Gibbs and the Skins. From being somewhat dead in the water to a possible division title is giving D.C. fans goosebumps of playoffs past. Judging by the way Philly got whupped last week, it looks like an easy one for the Skins, right? Hey, you and me both know there’s at least one crazy upset during the last week. This one smells like an upset to me.
Pick: Eagles.
With apologies to the Bud Bowl (remember that?), welcome to the Bush Bowl. No, the winner doesn’t get free spying equipment from the President (or do they?). It’s an upside down universe game where the winner loses and the loser wins. Come to think of it, maybe the Prez is involved. Seriously, the “loser” of this game will get the first dibs at USC’s Reggie Bush (no relation to George). Since everything about this game is ass backwards, my pick will follow suit
Pick: Reggie Bush’s agent.
Could this be another “farewell” game for Coach Parcells? With all the rumors coming out of Dallas that the Tuna may be walking (again) after this game, you get the feeling that the ‘Boys will be clearly motivated. However by game time, their fate may already be decided due to the early games. As for the Rams, lets hope we get to see a lot of Marshall Faulk. The soon to be Hall of Famer could making his farewell Sunday night as well.
Pick: Cowboys.
Bengals over Chiefs: Either way, Coach Vermeil will be crying.
Steelers over Lions: You lose to the Boys of Motown at home, you deserve to miss the playoffs.
Bucs over Saints: This has been Chucky’s best coaching job. He should also get some Coach of the Year votes as well.
Chargers over Broncos: 10 wins for Marty and no where to go but home.
Patriots over Dolphins: Yeah, I know they looked good Monday night, but I’m not buying all the threepeat hype.
Seahawks over Packers: Is this it for Favre? My gut says no.
Colts over Cardinals: Needless to say, but Indy has more important issues than this game right now.
Ravens over Browns: Great, so now we know Kyle Boller can play when the season’s already been decided.
Jags over Titans: The biggest question will be who starts: Leftwich or Garrard??
(P.S. From one Mack to another, please stay in Music City, No. 9!)
Bears over Vikings: Will lightning strike twice within four months?….White Sox? Bears?….
Bills over Jets: Remember, there’s a “Law And Order: SVU” marathon on Sunday (Hi, Roland!!!).
Happy New Year!!!!!