Want It Done Right? Let Vincent Do It

By Joe Booker
Updated: October 31, 2005

TEXAS—The University of Texas football team knows if it wants it done right, they must let Vincent ( Young) do it. Young, the most talented quarterback in the University and Big 12 history, has made a habit of getting the University of Texas out of jams.

With Vincent in charge of the Texas offense, it is never over until it is over and the fat lady never gets a chance to sing.

Vincent has brought Texas from behind eight times in his two years as a starter.

Every time you think his last performance was hit best, he will surprise you with his next. Last week when the Burnt Orange Fans thought the fat lady was warming up, Vincent once again put her on hold. Last week, he took charge as only Vincent can and brought the Longhorns back from a 28-9 deficit against Oklahoma State. He did it with his feet and with his arm. He accounted for 506 of Texas’ 606 yards. He ran for 267 yards and passed for 239 yards.

His performance against Oklahoma State has to put him on the top of the Heisman Trophy Award Committee’s watch list.

If Vincent wins the Heisman and Texas wins the National title, there would be no reason for him to return to Texas. His chances of coming back and duplicating those acts are rare.

Where was Vincent when General George C. Custer needed him?

“He’s (Vincent) has been there before, “was Texas’ coach Mack Brown’s reply when asked about Vincent’s heroic performances against Oklahoma State.

Vincent got the attention of the National media when he led Texas to the National title against Michigan in the Rose Bowl last year. His performance earned him the Rose Bowl MVP.

Vincent’s magic-like performances didn’t start at the University of Texas. He pulled hat tricks for Coach Ray Seals’ Madison Marlins.