Grant Fuhr Hockey Hall Of Fame

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: July 30, 2005

EL CERRITO, CA—It was so nice hear last week that the National Hockey League will return, starting their season the first week of October. History was made again with Grant Fuhr becoming the second Black Canadian to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Last year history was made in Toronto, Canada, home of the Maple Leafs and the Hockey Hall of Fame. Grant Fuhr from Spuce Grove, Alberta, Canada 2004. It seemed like he was born on an ice pond and gravitated to the nets. Grant Fuhr was voted the 11th best goalie out of 100 by a panel of hockey experts in the hockey meetings in New York City two years ago.

He has won two Vezina Trophies (award for best goalie for that year) and played goal with the Canada Cup All-Star Team in 1987. Fuhr still holds the record for most points scored by a goalie 14 in one season, most wins in the post season 16, and the single season record for most consecutive appearances 76, how could Grant lose with number 99 on your team?

Grant Fuhr tended net for the run and gun high scoring Edmonton Oilers in their glory days 1981-1991. A team that just outscored it’s opponent. Grant had to be on his game, every game, because the Oilers did not believe or play defense. Fuhr was the last stop before the goal net. He had a very unique style of defending Edmonton’s goal.

He would slide back as far as his body could go without crossing the goal line. Thus giving goal scorers very little to shot at, the only hole a shooter had was the five hole. For you non-hockey fans that is the opening between the goalie’s legs and goal stick. Most butterfly goalies leave this hole open and close it at the last second to stop the puck.

Grant Fuhr has won four Lord Stanley Championships with “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky and sidekick Mark Messier. He has been in five National Hockey League All-Star Games and has been named to four all star first teams.

Grant Fuhr played for 19 years. Ten years with the Edmonton Oilers before moving on to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Grant was suspended for admitting to using drugs in his days in Canada with the Leafs and Oilers.

He moved on to play for the Buffalo Sabers taking this team to the playoffs for the first time in many years, then it was off to Saint Louis and the Blues making them a threat in the playoffs again and last the Calgary Flames in 1990-2000.

African Americans should take their hat off to this fine brother. His freewheeling kickstyle in goal was a Grant Fuhr trademark that everybody should remember.