A Class In Not Being ‘Stoopid’ Seems To Be In Order These Days

By Gregory Moore
Updated: June 28, 2005
SAN ANTONIO, TX – I was scouring the sports blotter on Monday night and I just had to shake my head. Chris Wilcox, Quentin Williams and Sean Taylor made the infamous pages this past week and I’m sure they will not be the last professional athletes to grace these pages before the beginning of NFL training camp or prior to the NHL trying to salvage a season this year. These news stories just continue to baffle me as I simply cannot seem to comprehend how supposedly intelligent young men who have been told that once they have signed lucrative contracts, their lives would be forever altered. The things you used to do early in your life are not wise to do in this day and age. The childish antics like street racing (which in all serious are not childish antics at all) is something that needs to really be left on the theater screens but it seems that athletes like Quentin Williams think it is so cool to try and be Van Diesel and take on the forces of common sense and travel down 595 at over 100 mph. And let me not forget about Travares Tillman, the starting safety who was fortunate to still be walking, running and being able to don on NFL gear for Nick Saba. Maybe what is needed is a quick reminder as to what happened to Atlanta Thrashers’ center Dan Snyder at the hands of his teammate, Dany Heatley. In case Williams, Tillman and other idiot pro athletes think they are so invincible behind the wheel of a car, Snyder was killed when Heatley lost control of his Ferarri at 80 mph. Snyder was killed and Heatley has to live with it for the rest of his life.

When looking at what Chris Wilcox did over the weekend in Columbia, Maryland area. Why did Wilcox have a .357 revolver in a car with no registration permit showing that it was his? Add to this situation the fact that Wilcox and his passenger were probably drinking prior to the police pulling the vehicle over. The fact that Wilcox said yes to a search without a warrant brings back shades of Bryan “Bam” Morris in 1995 when he let the police search his vehicle and found a bag full of marijuana in a Pittsburgh Steelers training bag no doubt. Yet Wilcox’s incident isn’t that serious but it is still serious enough. A loaded weapon, live ammunition and spent casings send off all kinds of bells and whistles to snifer pooches. But not even the waywardness of a Los Angeles Clippers’ player is enough to really send me to the opine table. The story that truly sent me in search of something to write about comes from one Sean Taylor and his incident with an ATV that was allegedly stolen from his residence. The incident escalates when Taylor brings a firearm into the fray. Talk about having a bad case of the stuppids.

Maybe what Taylor doesn’t understand is that at 22 years old, he isn’t old enough or smart enough to try and let money dictate what he will or will not get out of. According to various news counts, this single charge that he is currently fighting has him facing a three-year prison sentence. More importantly don’t be surprised when the Washington Redskins tell the union, “Look we can’t afford to keep him on the roster. We have our prospects to worry about and development. If Sean comes through this okay, right now the taste has worn out”. Don’t think for one moment that Joe Gibbs isn’t entertaining ideas so that he can get rid of this problem child who is so spoiled rotten that the only lesson he can learn is one from incarceration. Yeah my words are a little harsh in Taylor’s regards but let’s be realistic about why the Redskins want to send this guy packing; he’s an embarrassment to the Redskins organization.


So what’s the scoop with the sports pages becoming a sports blotter of criminals? Are the sports pages that we read on a daily basis. When sports fans have to continue to be bombarded with lead stories of players like Williams, Wilcox and Taylor, it’s like a crush to the collective psyche that is trying to get removed from every member of the African American community. The three players mentioned in this piece quasi-represent the millions of others who are wishing for just a bitter day. Have anyone of these athletes thought about their consequences in what is known as the Matrix world.

Common sense has got to prevail somewhere for all of these athletes. I know the rookie seminars aren’t all that they rough they would be. Somewhere in the inner circles of these athletes, somebody has got to say, “Dude that is going to mistake we don’t need to make.”

Maybe what is needed above anything else is the passion and desire to go out and be the best that all the stations could get used. Meantime class is in session if anyone I wants to brush up on their dos and don’ts they could ‘poney white’ at ponies asked themŠthen you have to watch this nut or setting everything to the valet attendants. I’ll need to make sure I don’t trip over the ‘board’ section. So while the disc is burning and music is being listed too. I don’t know but I’m sure body in tech support can walk an internal drive by installation manuals and they are in a box.

Gregory Moore is the Managing Editor of the San Antonio Informer, a weekly African American newspaper located in San Antonio, Texas. He has been heard nationally on various programs for Fox Sports Radio, Sporting News Radio and ESPN radio affiliates where he has talked about many of the sports issues that relate to African American life and has been covering the NBA for twelve seasons.