Crunch Time

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: February 20, 2005

LEXINGTON, KY—I will not get all excited about a millionaire black man owning a professional sports team to pay other millionaires. Reggie Fowler will kick out the majority of over 600 million dollars to buy the Minnesota Vikings. I am ecstatic there is a brother not an athlete or entertainer who has that kind of dough.However, I would prefer he buy a manufacturing facility someplace and put black people, especially black men to work. To me, he would then be someone special in ways far more important than being the first African American to own a NFL franchise.

When is enough going to be enough? When will Isaiah and everybody else in Knick management be cut loose for lack of achievement? When will professional basketball in New York be taken seriously again by ownership?

The Class of a MVP… Either it’s very hush-hush or Kevin Garnett is a man’s man for keeping his mouth shut about the debacle in Minnesota. Imagine being arguably the best player in the league on a team with a bunch of losers and malcontents who want out. KG still does his thing every night on both ends of the floor while his inconsistent team mates get paid and whine.

Heard an argument that Jackie Robinson’s integration of modern day Major League Baseball in 1947 is the greatest moment in civil right’s history… Hummmmm. From a social level maybe…Otherwise I don’t think so. Baseball is loved and cherished as the American Past Time but at the end of the day, even in 1947, baseball is just a game. I’m going with Brown vs. Topeka Board of Ed. 1954.

Speaking of education, if we are going to demand higher academic standards for athletes at majority white institutions, we need to hold HBCU’s accountable as well. Graduation rates for African American athletes at many HBCU’s are nothing to write home about either.

If someone finds an African American point guard with a “high basketball IQ,” “great instincts for the game,” “makes his team mates better,” and “…is not a great athlete, but knows how to use his abilities to help his team” please contact the analysts and commentators who cover college basketball and let them know. It seems they can only find these qualities in white point guards. Bob Cousy and John Stockton was it, and that will be it….Ok maybe “The Professor.”