Super Bowl Thoughts Sipping On Campbell Soup

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: January 31, 2005

Donavan McNabb Then and Now
Donavan McNabb Then and Now

LOS ANGELES, CA.— I spent five days at home with the family(home is New York, by the way, not Los Angeles).

The week I was there, the playoffs were on and like most families, especially Black families, mine had plenty of opinions on who should or shouldn’t win the Super Bowl.

“I hope the Eagles win, ” said my brother

“It’s about time Phily won something.”

“But, ” he continued, “against the Patriots, the Eagles have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.”

“I’m tired of seeing Tom Brady and the Patriots in it every year, it’s like seeing the New York yankees in the World series every year, ” said my cousin from California, who ironically by marriage, is a distant relative of one Derek Jeter.

“I’d like to see Donovan McNabb get a super bowl championship, because people don’t think black people can play quarterback, ” said my aunt.

Another cousin agreed with her on that one.

As for me, I lived in Boston for 15 years and consider it my second home, so I don’t need to tell you who I was rooting for against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I can remember those gosh darn awful Patriots, the ones that didn’t play in fancy , schmanzy Gillette Stadium and wore that uniform that looks like Elvis as a Revolutionary Minuteman.

The New England Patriots that I remember were not lead by Tom Brady or even Drew Bledsoe.

There was no Rodney Harrison or Cory Dillon around.

Not even a Deion Branch, try more like Steve Grogan and Irving Fryar.

On playoff Sunday, while some of the other relatives were rooting for the Steelers, what was my reaction to every Patriot play?

You know the latest Coors Beer commercial for the Super Bowl that says in part, “voices will be lost?”

Hello, that’s me, and just wait until the Super Bowl if the Patriots win.

All I can say is, thank God I have the next day off from my airline job.

Although, I’ll admit, like other members of my family, if the Eagles do win, I won’t be upset.

I’ll be very happy for one Eagle in particular.

That’s the guy who wears number 5- Donavan MCnabb.

It’s ashame after all this time, a black quarterback still can’t get any kind of respect.

They have to prove they can win the big games.

Funny, they aren’t saying that about Peyton Manning and where is he now?

Yep, watching Tom Brady and Donavan McNabb playing in the Super Bowl.

All those football “experts” and football expert wannabees shouldn’t question McNabb’s ability anymore.

He and the Eagles made it this far-without one T.O.

Whether or not the Eagles do win it all, you can say this, Donavan Mcabb is one of the best quarterbacks in the league today, and no one can take that away from him.