Crunch Time

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: January 24, 2005

LEXINGTON, KY—Sorry Falcon Fans…You’ve got the highest paid and perhaps the league’s most talented quarterback in Michael Vick but he is not a leader, something your quarterback must be in a championship game. I’ve never seen a quarterback so emotionless in a big game as Vick was Sunday. This was no time to be cool. It was a time to be fired up and to fire your team up… Vick failed to do either.

As hard as one needs to be in criticizing the NCAA and its Division I institutions for the under education of far too many black athletes, one also needs to be critical of parents who sell their children to the highest bidder or the school that promises to get their son into the NBA or NFL… Coaches talk about it among themselves all the time about how much parents want for themselves in exchange for their influence. Shame, shame, shame.

Judging by their appearance at the Australian Open, it looks like Venus and Serena have been reminded by the fashion police that they earn their living on a professional tennis court not on the stroll.

High school athletes taking basic/general courses that hardly prepare them for a legitimate college curriculum can take advantage of the “sliding scale” instituted by the NCAA. If students taking those courses have a 3.55 GPA, they only need a 400 on the SAT to become eligible to get a college scholarship… Brilliant!

New graduation rate requirements will probably mean an increase in Sport Facility Management degrees and Recreation Leadership degrees… Brilliant!

Not to minimize the effort many athletes put forth to get these degrees, but what bothers me is that there is a young brother, make that many young brothers out there who can achieve and compete academically at the highest level, yet can’t get a dime because they are on the bubble or their families are middle class and not poor enough. It seems no one is interested in helping them and that ain’t right.

The Atlantic Division of the NBA Eastern Conference is a disgrace. Too bad the winner of this sorry group gets to go to the playoffs regardless of their inability to compete with the rest of the league.

Hey Shannon Sharpe… You should be old school enough to know that you don’t wear an applejack cocked over to the side like a baseball cap.

Bruce Edwards