Crunch Time

By Bruce Edwards
Updated: January 3, 2005

LEXINGTON, KY.—Jimmy Jackson is now with his 11th team in his 13 year career. If he was two inches taller or two inches shorter he would be a perennial all-star, but instead he always seems to be the player who “sweetens” the pot for a trade to be made. The consummate professional, Jackson always makes the big money which is testament to his ability and longevity. Play on brother, play on.

Can’t wait to see what Terrell Owens will do for publicity if the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl and he’s not playing.

Hey Pedro…Even though they are Yankee fans, there’s enough Dominican Brothers on the upper Westside who cut hair…know what I mean?… Don’t let me see that jeri curl come opening day.

There are no meaningless games in the NFL. Players and coaches whose teams are out of the playoff mix must use these last couple of games to prove they are worth keeping for next season. The worst teams in the league usually play their best games at the end of the season.

Unless you consistently make the first guy miss in the open field, you cannot be a featured running back or wide receiver in the NFL. This ability is high on the “must have” list.

If Donavan McNab gets hurt in the first playoff game the Eagles are in trouble. Did you see the backup Coy Detmer play against the Bengals? I know he’s a professional and all but I don’t see him leading anybody to victory should he be called on in a “win or go home” game. Jeff Blake wasn’t a ray of light either but Chad Johnson provided all the sunshine the game needed every time he smiled.

Until a playoff system is implemented, I have very little interest in the bowl bonanza which will never produce a true national champion. Somebody… anybody explain to me the thinking behind not having a playoff system for the big rich programs.

I know it’s the south, but Sylvester Croom becoming the first African American Football Coach in the history of the Southeastern Conference deserves to be on the BASN top ten stories list. Croom represents much, much more than being the coach who beat Florida thus causing the firing of Ron Zook. You missed this one BASN.