This N’ That With Tony Mack: NFL Picks: Week 4

By Tony McClean
Updated: October 1, 2004

NEW HAVEN CT.—Hey!!!!!…..Where’s the paper???…….Lemme look at the standings……

Let’s see….Philly 3-0, no surprise…..Patriots 2-0, check…….Falcons 3-0, the Michael Vick Experience is working……Whoa!!…..Is that really the Jaguars at 3-0??…..Seahawks 3-0…..See what winning on the road will do????…..Even Reverend Edwards has the Jets at 2-0….

Now for the other end…….Chiefs are 0-3 with no D is sight…….Dolphins are 0-3 even with a D, but no QB and no Ricky……That $6.8 million won’t buy an offense…..Better call Larry Csonka or Delvin Williams…..

Cards are making Denny Green lose his mind up in ‘Zona, up in ‘Zona……..Niners and Bucs are playing like a pair of one-legged men in an ass-kicking contest……Not pretty at all!!!……

Man, I gotta stop talking out loud……Better stick to making decent picks….

LAST WEEK: 10-4 (25-20 on the year)

We took a chance on the Lions and Bears and got burned by the Chiefs at home. But we did have the Saints, Jags, and Raiders. Hey, any week that you can get double-digit wins is alright by me. I haven’t had to go into hiding as of yet.



Jacksonville has shown in just three games how far a good defense can carry a team with some offensive difficulties. The D will get a major test Sunday hosting the Colts, who are coming off their track meet against Green Bay. Entering the season, I wasn’t quite sold on the Jags being a serious contender. If they score some points and pull this off against Indy, I’ll give them their due.

Pick: Colts.


New England can tie the Dolphins’ record for the most consecutive regular-season wins by defeating the Bills at Orchard Park. While the Patriots are still on a role, Buffalo has struggled in both of their games. Both teams are coming off a bye, so this should be a walkover for the Pats, right?? Hey, sometimes those games that look like blowouts can be deceiving.

Pick: Bills.


Carolina has had two weeks to look at films of Michael Vick leading up to this NFC South showdown. The Falcons won against Arizona last week, but looked mediocre in the process. Were they looking past the Cards leading up to the trip to Carolina? Perhaps. Even though the Panthers are a bit wounded, they still have a solid defense. Something that Atlanta is still trying to seek.

Pick: Panthers.



Two teams going in opposite directions meet on Monday at Baltimore. The real Jamal Lewis finally showed up for the Ravens last Sunday in their win against the Bengals. On the other end, KC’s defensive woes are being exposed on a weekly basis. Dick Vermeil will definitely be crying after this game. Especially after the Chiefs fall to 0-4.

Pick: Ravens.


Eagles over Bears: Philly can’t afford to lose many more players.

Redskins over Browns: Clinton Portis should have a decent day against the Browns’ porous D.

Giants over Packers: Just a hunch. The Packers’ psyche is still a bit shattered after the Indy game.

Raiders over Texans: Kerry Collins may get to keep this gig for the rest of the season.

Steelers over Bengals: Cincy’s D is still giving Marvin Lewis nightmares.

Saints over Cardinals: Sorry, Coach Green. This is gonna be a loooooooooong season.

Jets over Dolphins: Gang Green may enjoy October. Bills and Niners are next with the Pats waiting on the 24th.

Titans over Chargers: If they can’t beat San Diego with Billy Volek, something is seriously wrong.

Broncos over Bucs: John Lynch says hi, and then delivers the hammer to his ex-mates.

Rams over 49ers: San Francisco may already be on the clock.