Westbrook’s Monster Night (25p, 20a, 11r) Propels OKC Over Clippers (120-108)

Updated: March 10, 2016

The Thunder were coming off of a road trip where they were tested and battled every single night. Coming off the win against the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday it was clear that KD and Westbrook wanted to set the tone for things coming back home. The Clippers ended up getting hit by an OKC tornado that wasn’t on the forecast tonight. Westbrook came out dropping dimes like he was Kevin Love in the State Farm commercial. He was able to facilitate and get his teammates involved in the game and proved to be a great passer with limited turnovers. Westbrook was able to set the tone for his team as he was using the first half of this game to put on a passing display that we haven’t seen in a while. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were able to pick the Clippers apart with the new scheme that Billy Donovan has set up for them. Now when the Thunder play one or the other are on the court at different times running with the second unit to help the boost of bench production. It was very clear to me that the Thunder were on a mission for some revenge on the Clippers for their loss on last Wednesday against these same Clippers.

DeAndre Jordan was the only Clipper player that was really having some success as he was dominate in the paint. Jordan had 18 points and 7 rebounds and was helped by Jeff Green and JJ Redick who combined for 55 points for the Clippers. Chris Paul basically had an off night as he had 12 points but added 16 assists as well. The Thunder were able to let the other guys try to beat them while shutting down the main guys. Durant and Westbrook were able to create and punish the Clippers at will. They both combined for 55 points as well and were able to keep the foot on the pedal as they tried to close this game out.

Westbrook was the 1st player since Rod Strickland and Magic Johnson to have a game that consisted of 20+ points, 20+ assists and 11 rebounds. Westbrook had 25 points, 20 assists, and 10 rebounds in the game and was able to do as he pleased. No one was able to guard him tonight not CP3, Rivers, or Crawford as he punished his competition in every single way possible. Russell Westbrook has been able to be the guy that gets the team going and has enjoyed sharing the spotlight with KD.

The Thunder will face the Timberwolves on Friday and will have to put on the same show against the young up and coming stars in Towns,Wiggins, and LaVine.

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