Ricky Rubio Buzzer Beater Stuns OKC (96-99)

Updated: March 12, 2016

The Thunder were coming into this game against the Timberwolves off one of their best performances against LA. The Thunder played a complete game against the Clippers and wanted that to rollover to tonights match against Minnesota. The Thunder had this game in their hands the whole time as KD, Westbrook, and Kanter combined for 71 points. The Thunder were letting the Timberwolves hang around all game long. The Timberwolves got all their scoring from the starters as the bench added 15 points. Wiggins, Towns,Dieng, and Rubio handled the heavy load for them in OKC.

The Thunder couldn’t do anything against Towns in the paint as he was hitting some jumpers that someone thats not a rookie would hit. The growth in this Timberwolves team was on full display tonight as they battled all night with the Thunder. KD and Westbrook were getting frustrated easily by all the calls that they weren’t getting in the game and it was noticeable. The Timberwolves stuck to the game plan and were disciplined the whole time controlling their offense and making things happen on the defensive end. The Timberwolves forced the Thunder into 24 turnovers and 11 of them were from KD and Russ. They both had to try to overcome adversity to get the team back in position for a late game finish.

The Timberwolves were fighting the whole game and stayed in the game extremely late in the 4th. The Thunder were hitting the T-Wolves with all the amazing trick passes and dunks. The Thunder had a 4 point advantage and let it slip away late down the stretch when Towns hit a falling fadeaway on KD that got them to tie the game. Then the Thunder weren’t able to execute a play and that leaved the door open for Ricky Rubio who hit a game winner with no 0.2 seconds left on the clock. Rubio is known for being a better passer than shooter made the basket and made it with confidence.


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