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Gary Norris Gray-BASN- Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.-  The Golden State Warriors are in the process of re-writing the National Basketball Association record books with each passing game. Golden State has one road block to their historical march into history, that is the team from San Antonio Texas. The Black and Silver Spurs do not lose at A T & T Center (44-games) just as the Warriors do not lose at Oracle Arena. On Saturday night March 19th The Spurs stifled the Blue and Gold and stopped the Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson 87-79.  The Warriors on Wednesday March 16 put another beat down on the New York Knicks for Golden State’s 50th straight home victory and their 61st victory of the year, 121-85. They have recorded more records in one year by a single team than any other in the NBA.

That home record is now the longest home winning streak at 50 games and counting, increasing with every home win; the previous record was 44 games by the Chicago Bulls.  The Warriors became the team to achieve 50 wins faster than any other team. They did this in 55 games, and also became the fastest team to reach 60 victories, in 66 games. As the Warriors chase the record of most wins in a season (72) presently held by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, not even the Bulls were on this pace.  The Warriors opened the season with a record 24-0 start.

The Warriors are doing this with team work and a very deep bench. Each player has a specific role, seldom do they go outside of this role. This team has had games of 30 assists more than 30 times.

The Warriors fans themselves are setting records. The team has the longest record of consecutive sellout games over 3 years and counting. There are 2,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets.

The Warriors even combine with other teams to gain NBA records like the Portland Trailblazers 19 and Warriors 18 combining for three pointers for a record total of 37 treys in a game.

On Friday Night March 18 against the Dallas Mavericks tied the record for three pointers (15) in one half, Warriors win  130-112.

In a four game series this season, the Warriors outscored their opposition by a total of 100 points, surpassing the previous record of 99 points over four games of the 1961 Boston Celtics.

Even in losing, the Warriors set a record, suffering the worst upset in NBA history. The game was the first time in NBA history in which a team with a winning percentage of .900 or better played a team below .200 after 60 games. The Warriors came in at .917 and the Lakers were .190. The Lakers won the game 112-95.

Golden State has the team’s longest losing streak against one team on opponent’s floor. The San Antonio Spurs have a 33 game winning streak against Warriors in Texas.  The record is 43 held by the Sacramento Kings against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center.

The Warriors broke a team record of 81 points in a half against the Portland Trailblazers with 40 points in the first quarter and 41 more in the second. The Warriors cooled off in the second half but this game was over after the first five minutes. Dubs win 128-112. The NBA record is currently held by the Phoenix Suns in 1990:- 107 points in one half.


One man on the Warriors, Stephen Curry, has over-turned the apple cart with his scoring skills. The “Baby Face Assassin,” Number 30 is the star that led the Golden State Warriors to a NBA Championship. Don’t let the baby face, green eyes, skinny stature, and light skin 29-year-old fool you. Stephen Curry has changed the way teams defend the Golden State Warriors. He has a 40% mark from 50 feet or more while the whole league is 15% or lower. This statistic is staggering when you count how many shots Mr. Curry put up from that range.

The three point play has been around for some time and Stephen Curry has become the master of this scoring art with his quick release from anywhere on the court. Curry has the record for the most three pointers in a season at 330 and counting.  Averaging better than 5 three-pointers made per game, his total could go over 400.  Curry is tied with Ray Allen at 3 for most consecutive seasons (three) with the most three-pointers.  Curry will break that tie this season and become the all-time leader for a fourth season, putting that record further out of reach.  With the 330 treys so far this season, his closest competition is teammate Klay Thompson with 214, second in the league and 35 threes beyond his closest challenger.

Mr. Number Thirty was the first in NBA history to score 10 three-pointers or more in back-to-back games. Curry also holds the record for most consecutive games with at least one three-point bucket at 138. If he stays healthy the rest of this season he could add 16 more.

Curry has tied the record for most three pointers in a game at 12, with Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Toronto Raptor/former Golden State Warrior Donyell Marshall.

Stephen Curry currently has three 50 point games, twelve 40 point games, and 31 thirty-point games, nobody is even close. 

Mr. Curry might enter basketball’s hallowed ground at the end of this year the 50-40-90 club. That is 50% field goals-40% three pointers and 90% free throws for a complete season. Only six players have done this Stephen Curry could join   Steve Nash-Phoenix  Suns, Larry Bird-Boston Celtics, Mark Price-Cleveland Cavaliers, Reggie Miller-Indiana Pacers, Dirk Nowitzki-Dallas Mavericks and Kevin Durant-OKC Thunder

As sports commentator, television analyst, and former Golden State Warrior head coach Mark Jackson stated many times, “Mama, there goes that man.” That is Stephen Curry, the Baby Face Assassin, hitting shots from anywhere on the court.

Some old school basketball historians have stated that if the Warriors played in the 1970-1990 era, some of these records would not occur. In that era there was hand-checking, bumping and grinding, and in-your-face defense: players could put their hands on the ball-handler all the way down the floor. It does not happen today, giving Golden State a free hand to put up uncontested jump shots.  Does this diminish what they are doing?  JUST SAYING: every other team in the league is playing by the same present-day rules.

Most basketball historians still cannot believe how the Warriors are over-achieving this year after a title run and many, like TNT analyst Charles Barkley, insisted that shooting teams cannot win championships. The Warriors are poised to repeat in 2016. Most teams have what they call the Championship Hang-over. It did not happen to this team. Golden State continues to dispel that theory with a torrent three point shots by the Splash Brothers, Stephan Curry and Klay Thompson.


Here is just another NBA record, three current players on one team that had fathers that played in the league.There is a link on this team to the elder statesmen or former basketball stars: Del Curry- Charlotte Hornets, the father of Stephen Curry; Mychal Thompson- Los Angeles Lakers, the father of Clay Thompson; and James McAdoo’s father Ronnie McAdoo is the second cousin to All Star Bob McAdoo- Buffalo Braves. Last , Luke Walton is the son of Bill Walton-Portland Trailblazers who won the NBA title in 1977 over the Julius The Doctor Ervin and the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers.

Head Coach Steve Kerr had to step down for a few months because of summer back surgeries, thus creating a chance for Luke Walton to display his coaching skills. Walton went 34-4 before handing the reins back to Kerr.

The Golden State Warriors should thank head coach Doc Rivers and members of the Los Angeles Clippers for the Warriors extraordinary season in 2016. Rivers and the Clippers repeatedly complained that Golden State had an easy path to the 2015 Championship. This statement at the beginning of this season fueled the desire and passion to win another Championship at Oracle Arena.


The Warriors behind Curry are a great supporting cast, and a coach Steve Kerr who has been through the title wars, winning three championship rings while playing for the Chicago Bulls, including their record 72-win season, and two with the San Antonio Spurs.


Klay Thompson is Curry’s quiet teammate, the one teams forget to guard. Thompson is the “Quiet Assassin” the one that destroys defenses, raining three pointers from the other side of the floor. As a child growing up in Southern California he watched the Los Angeles Lakers win championships. He had the guidance and the ears of Ervin “Magic” Johnson and Kobe Bryant along with his father Mychal Thompson. Thompson’s style is to kill them softly and without fanfare, getting those 214 three pointers and a 21-point average. When Curry is not making his three pointers, Thompson will.


Center Andrew Bogut is the space eater. Bogut is there to block shots, create assists, and set screens for other teammates to score. This is his best year playing on the west coast. Bogut came from the Milwaukee Bucks in 2012. Bogut made the NBA All-Defensive second team in 2015 and that’s one of the reasons why he is wearing the Blue and Gold.


Forward Draymond Green, Mr. Double-Double, is the spark plug, the Energizer Bunny to push this team on the right track when they are not going well or when someone is not doing their job. They will hear it from number 23. Green currently leads the team with 11 triple doubles. Russell Westbrooks-OKC Thunder leads the league with 13 triple doubles.


The piece that put the Dubs into the Championship mood, that is the Bay Area name for the Warriors, was the veteran forward Andre Iguodala. The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers did not know what they were doing trading him to Denver, before he became a Warrior. Iguodala helped the younger Dubs through the hard times. It was his example in the playoffs through leadership that he truly became a Golden State Warrior.


Marreese Speights- Mo Buckets comes in to spell Bogut, Green, or Iguodala. Speights gives Golden State another big man that plays solid defense. The only trouble with Mo Buckets is that he can “space out”-stop thinking- and the player that he is guarding whizzes right by him. When Speights scores it is a plus for Golden State: he has 14 three-pointers this year and in his entire previous career he had 17.


The Golden State Warriors have something very unique that other teams do not and that is a complete bench. They have two squads. First come the shock troops. They are supposed to hold the opposition at bay while the starters rest. That would be the newcomer at center (via) Cleveland, Anderson Varejao. At the forward position, it’s Harrison Barnes,  Marreese Speights, and Andre Iguodala. At the guard position, it is Leandro Barbosa and Shaun Livingston. These players do not fight for minutes because most of the time the first team has such a large margin.

Then you have the small ball squad, the road runners with guards Ian Clark, Barbosa, and Brandon Rush. Up on the front lines at forward are Kevon Looney and James McAdoo, with the injured Festus Ezeli and newcomer Varejao sharing the center position.

The second and third team usually enters the game in the middle of the second and third periods. These super subs make the Golden State Warriors dangerous.

Head Coach Steve Kerr has the advantage of being like one of those old 1950 telephone operators: remember those big boards with multiple holes, where he can plug in or take out any player he wishes, with the exception of the Splash Brothers-Curry and Thompson. Kerr substitutes at will without skipping a beat.

One thing the league better watch for in the future is the bench rest for the Warrior starters, they will be well rested for the playoffs in May and June. Stephen Curry has already not played 18 fourth quarters with many others have played an average of 28 minutes or less a game. This is almost half the time of other starters in the league. The Golden State Warriors will not have tired legs the first two rounds of the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors are on the verge of winning back to back titles but their mirror image and road block is in Texas, Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs.

p.s. bold print are the NBA records



Golden State


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