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Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff ReporterQUESTION? Where is Nolan Nawrocki?1454081489-CAM_BLINN3_48471861OAKLAND, CA. UPDATED:- Five years ago Sports writer and now NFL executive Nolan Nawrocki wrote an article for the Pro Football Weekly Magazine on the prospects of the Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton draft week. Nawrocki stated that Cam Newton had a bad character, was arrogant, had a fake smile, played up to the camera, was immature, had a big ego, had a sense of entitlement, thinks he was above the law, was often late for meetings, had problems with authority, lacked leadership qualities and could not be dependable. My, my, have times changed.Mr. Cam Newton will lead the Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50 this Sunday February 7 at Levis Stadium Santa Clara, California.Mr. Nawrocki wrote about the alleged stolen laptop incident at the University of Florida and the alleged Mississippi State University recruiting incident, involving alleged payments to Cam’s father. NO FACTS WERE EVER FOUND IN EITHER CASE !!

Mr. Nawrocki did not tell Americans that Newton won the (NJCAA) National Junior College Athletic Association Championship. Nawrocki also did not inform Americans how hard Cam Newton worked to get back into the Division One program. No, that would make Cam Newton a human and you know we can’t have that. Nawrocki did not tell the public that Cam Newton was Division II player of the year. He did not tell you Newton won the Heisman Trophy and won SEC- South East Conference Championship at Auburn. It was easier to trash this young Black man and Nawrocki did not care what it might do to this young man mentally, physically, or psychologically. Or how much money it cost Newton.

Mr. Nawrocki just repeated his views of African American quarterbacks like the Washington Football Club’s Robert Griffin III and Geno Smith of the New York Jets.Nawrocki adds this assessment of Smith:  “Not a student of the game.  Nonchalant field presence — does not command respect from teammates and cannot inspire.  Mild practice demeanor — no urgency.  Not committed or focused — marginal work ethic.  Interviewed poorly at the Combine and did not show an understanding of concepts on the white board.  Opted not to compete at the Senior Bowl and has approached offseason training as if he has already arrived and it shows in his body with minimal muscle definition or strength.  Has small hands and glaring ball security issues (32 career fumbles).  Really struggled handling the snow in Pinstripe Bowl (took two safeties) and will be troubled by the elements.  Needed to be coddled in college — cannot handle hard coaching.


Sound familiar?

Nolan Nawrocki made a similar evaluation of Robert Griffin III quarterback of the Washington Football Club.

The difference between Luck and Griffin to me is Griffin’s ceiling is higher. The concerns I have with Griffin at quarterback is his accuracy (and) his feel in the pocket, I don’t think, is at the same level as Luck’s is. I’m not sure that it will ever get to the same place that Luck’s is. (Griffin’s) got outstanding athletic ability, makes plays in the pocket, and is very dynamic. The other concern I have is his health. He’s shown before in the past that he has had difficulty staying healthy. He is more of a straight-linish type of runner, and I think that’s going to be difficult to stay healthy in the pros once he’s moving outside. He’s not very elusive, he’s more straight-linish and I think he’s going to have a difficult time getting out of the way of contact on the perimeter. For that reason, I think there is higher risk involved with the pick. I think the Colts made up their mind months ago Four years later Andrew Luck quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts still throws passes into zone defenses for interceptions. Griffin has not played due to injuries.

Nawrocki does not like African American mobile quarterbacks and is just reinforcing The Jeff Fisher-rules committee chairman idea of a professional quarterback, doing the NFL bidding by proxy to limit their entrance.

Mr. Nawrocki and others got on their high moral horses and rode them as far as they could. My question to these reporters would be, where were you when Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger was doing his thing in a bar bathroom in Georgia with a young college coed? Where were you when then retired Minnesota Viking quarterback Brett Favre, sent photographs of his private parts to a female employee in the New York Jets organization? Character flaws?

These same reporters and writers get moral when it’s convenient or when it is an African-American male the subject of their scorn. It has not changed in over 250 years.




Mr. Nawrocki should have questioned the NCAA about the facts on Cam Newton‘s father’s alleged actions, questioned Mississippi State University’s football administration, and questioned the American judicial and legal system.

Instead this writer attacked Cam Newton on personal issues, not football issues. It was easy to bludgeon and defame a young man than to do research and homework. This was unfair and unethical and Cam Newton cannot defend himself in the press.

It was easier to trash this young Black man and Mr. Nawrocki did not care how his words would affect this young man mentally, physically, or psychologically or how much money it would cost Newton with this negative article five years ago

What is very interesting is that it is hard to find writers or reporters to say or write the same things about white quarterbacks, even if they display negative characteristics. This year Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny FOOTBALL Manziel is the poster boy for misconduct for domestic abuse and drinking. Caucasian quarterback Jim Corbett from the University of Missouri Tigers was reprimanded by the police for fighting in a bar restroom five years ago. Corbett and his buddies were drinking, yet no one was cited or fined and the American news media ignored the story. Corbett’s drinking under the age limit was waved. NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!!

Cam Newton would not be punished, except by the media for his father’s alleged deeds; and no time through all this was Newton ever afforded the premise of “innocent until proven guilty”.

The sports media goons are out for revenge. They wanted Cam Newton’s blood and wanted the heart of this 21 year old because the writers felt their legal system let them down. These men did not want Cam Newton playing in the National Football League.

This sounds like defamation of character to me. They lowered his draft ratings with these baseless allegations. What about taking money out of this young man’s pockets due to the lower draft choice because of this bias and negative reporting? This is blatant character assassination and borderline racism and should not be tolerated.

This only validates the fact that America continues to have issues with star Black quarterbacks. These young Black quarterbacks know who they are, and what they want, and stand up for their rights.

Black quarterbacks that are not going to be Sambo’s or Step-N’ fetch Negroes. Black Power (male) in any form scares white Middle America and Cam Newton scares the football world

It might be time for future college players to take legal action. It may be time to challenge these internet and newspaper writers. It is time to take a stand against yellow, biased, and racial journalism. Then these writers would stop hiding behind their keyboards and computer screens.


THE STATSRESIZEDHeisman_Cam-610x754

Below are the statistics for the Auburn‘s star quarterback Cam Newton for the year 2011. Mr. Newton directed the War Eagle spread offense. This is the same offense that most National Football League (NFL) teams employ, so therefore Newton would fit in to most NFL team offensive programs.

 Mr. Newton led the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season and the mythical National Championship beating the Oregon Ducks 22-19.

Newton has broken many SEC records throwing and rushing for over 3, 000 yards. He is the only quarterback to have 600 yard rushing recorded over three consecutive games in a season.

Here are his seasonal records for 2011: 7 interceptions, 30 touchdown throws, 72 completed passes; 1,453 yards rushing, 20 rushing touchdowns The Yahoo Sports reporter failed to mention these accomplishments.


STATS THIS YEARcam-newton-is-so-happy

Number one has rushed for more yards than some running backs this year with 638 yards and ten touchdowns. Newton has thrown for 35 touchdowns for over 3,800 yards and is knocking on the NFL Title door.  The Panthers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 31-24, scoring all of their points in the first half, and then defeated the Arizona Cardinals 49-15, scoring the first six times they had the ball. The Black and Blue Cats earned their trip to Northern California.


Mr. Nawrocki, if you don’t like the player or have an issue with this player just say that. Don’t write a story that is totally unrelated to the sport or how an athlete performs on the field, court, diamond, or ice.

When a reporter writes something like this it is full of conjecture. It opens the door for racial overtones. It loses the power of what or why it was written but I guess that did not matter to Nolan Nawrocki.

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon defended Cam Newton. Moon stated that Mr. Nawrocki was not professional in his article and it was a personal attack on Cam Newton.

Moon stated he dealt with this issue 40 years ago and that double standard and racial bias continues. How many Black quarterbacks have to play the position admirably before we stop this nonsense? Warren Moon had to deal with these same un-intellectual scouting and writing minions, who stated that he could not play the position. Moon went to Canada and won five straight Grey Cups in the Canadian Football League. Mr. Moon also played in nine NFL Pro Bowls and is known for his prolific passing abilities. 

These same reporters judge white quarterbacks by their performance on the field. Why can’t they do the same for African-American quarterbacks?

No NFL quarterback has entered the Super Bowl five times in a row. The Buffalo Bills with quarterback Jim Kelly went to the Super Bowl four straight years and lost all four. Nobody stated that this Caucasian quarterback could not hold the position

The last time we checked three African American quarterbacks have entered the last four Super Bowl Colin Kaepernick-San Francisco, Russell Wilson-Seattle Seahawks, (twice) and this year, Cam Newton-Carolina Panthers.

These attacks just keep on coming relentlessly, and maliciously. The internet has permitted individuals to write and state anything they wish whether they get the facts correct or not.

So, Mr. Nawrocki, the next time you write about a future Black quarterbacks, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, or at least interview the person you are writing about.

Mr. Nawrocki, Cam Newton is the new NFL prototype quarterback whether you like it or not, big, tall, and mobile with intelligence, speed, and arm and leg strength. Just let him grow up and play the game. In the future Mr. Nolan Nawrocki, “Just give me the facts man”.

As my late God-mother Sue Johnson Robinson stated many times Cam Newton “KILL THE GHOST”.


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